Video - Ice Pick

Nov 6, 2007
Hey everyone.

So I sent this video to the media section but I guess they didn't like it enough to accept it. Thus, I decided to post it here.

This is a trick I came up with using some sleights you don't see everyday. In fact, I've never seen one of them at all, ever, and another one I haven't seen anyone do except Allan Ackerman, but he intended it's use as a switch. I made it into a change.

The one handed change is original to me. I've seen it done in some videos recently, but I've never seen it before the time I created it, which was in 2007 sometime. I have another video of it from last year as well.

Simple plot, but it's pretty sweet I think.

Anyhow, sorry if I don't reply right away as I'm at uni currently and my classes begin tomorrow.

Credits to Ed Marlo and Larry Jennings.

Hope you all like the video!

Oct 28, 2007
it was an okay trick but i did not like the patterin the video. keep working on it
Sep 1, 2007
Leicester, UK
You have a very nice circle shift. - my only comment on which is to be a bit more casual with it. I couldn't tell at first what you'd done, but I knew you'd done something because of the tension as you did it. :) But it was still really nice. I loved the outjogged change aswell, d'you have the source on where I can learn that, pretty please? :p

Overall I liked the effect as a whole, the Joker changing is a classic plotline and I think you did a good job at showing it; Keep 'em comin' man, s'good so far!

- Sean
Nov 15, 2007
Raleigh, NC
Umm...shuffleroo? :rolleyes:

nice effect, though I agree with Sean-the control was very well concealed, but...needs to be done about two hundred more times in a camera to make it smooth as can be. (not that a spectator would ever catch/suspect...)

Very nice change, I bet done face down you could do a killer transpo. (my first thought right after I realized how you did it...took me a second time through).

and the end...looks like something I've seen in the battle thread, not sure if it's published or if anyone who didn't figure it out on their own is claiming it though.

I'm gonna say that from '..and this is Ice Pick.' to the effect you're demeanor changed, kind of like a character to fit into the patter(which could use a little work, but with the visual nature of the effect won't hurt it too much).

And for future performances, have the joker taken out...nevermind...i just figured out the only thing that confused me (minus the last change)...

:) well thought out.

hope I helped some

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