Video Review: Mental Pen by João Miranda and Gustavo Sereno

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  1. Title: Mental Pen
    Creator: João Miranda and Gustavo Sereno
    Publisher: João Miranda
    MSRP: $ 40
    Skill Level: all
    Video Run time: 42 minutes

    Want to blow away your spectators with diabolical mentalism? Welcome to Mental Pen, a diabolical creation of João Miranda and Gustavo Sereno.

    Mental Pen allows you to create REAL MAGIC. The kind of magic that gets into their minds and leaves them totally stunned.

    With Mental Pen, what the spectator marks with a Sharpie, matches the magician's prediction! The routines possible are endless.

    It can be performed with any book, magazine, napkin, receipt or even a blank piece of paper, allowing the magician to perform a variety of different routines.


    - The spectator holds the pen the entire time! No switches
    - The "secret" is activated by the spectator himself!
    - Endless routines are possible, either for close-up or stage
    - You can use the pen as a regular Sharpie
    - Diabolical gimmick makes the effect super easy to perform

    Comes complete with Sharpie and all gimmicks needed.

    **Mental Pen is based on the idea and gimmick from Andreas Sebring's MetalWriting System.

    Video review:

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