Visual aid for false shuffles, cuts and deals.

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  1. As I’m a somewhat visual learner and like to master things by actually seeing it, I noticed that my falses are pretty rubbish. Sometimes obvious, sometimes I just make a cut up because I fumbled a pass.

    From what I’m gathering, Madison’s Mechanic 1 & 2 might be up my alley and possibly DM x Erdnase. But alas forums exist and I can get input on possibly better material to sit and practice with. So what visual aid (DL, DVD, and I guess I can’t rule out VHS) is king for the novicemediate level looking to take it to the next level?
  2. What kind of false shuffles in particular? Do you prefer table shuffles or in the hand? Maybe even both?

    You may be interested in The Cheat by Richard Turner. It doesn't go in depth when teaching the actual shuffles or cut, but it gives you a close look into the workings of many different techniques, so you can choose which ones you like. Seeing Richard perform them may inspire you as well.

    There are also some videos on Theory 11 that go over individual techniques, if you already know what you have in mind.
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  3. Answered my own question and will be picking up Foundations 1-3 and Mechanic. The sale on Mechanic made it tempting and it’ll be nice to have compare and contrast material. I’ve heard that Foundations is superb though, on my initial glance I misinterpreted the content as stuff like DL and classic forces, didn’t realize it was an ECT/EATC style Foundation.
  4. Is all of the above an answer? I just realized that the content I’m looking at is mostly tabled. So ITH false shuffles are a definite interest. Regarding Turner... that man is next level. I could watch hours of his footage and never figure out that second deal. It’s almost magical. But he also spent 14+ hours a day practicing too.

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