Vorezo Effect Contest #4 - LETTERS

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vorezo, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. V,R,E


    Watermelon Bees
  2. S-R-V (Guessing hopefully works)

    E-A-C (Hopefully)

    Watermellon Bees Would be fantastic, thanks for the contest.
  3. Ok...No one has guessed it right on...Yet! Everyone gets 1 extra guess starting now. One person has it very close (inluding the entries from youtube *hint*) One letter off to be exact, and yet thats pretty close too. The closest person, or person to get it exactly on will be posted on Saturday.

    Goodluck guessing!
  4. HIZ

    Warermelon Bee Deck
  5. NCJ

    Bees please.
  6. ABD or ABC ...

    ...im pretty sure.......

    Le 'BEE deck' s'il vous plait (please)
  7. no idea but lets go with
  8. 1)PIV?
    You guys know the probability of picking these three letters are 1 out of 26x25x24.
    That's 1/15600

    EDIT: although with 2 entries . . . .
  9. B-O-A

    WaterMellon bees
  10. RJN

    Plus I decided to edit my 2 previous guesses to... MAG and to ABD
  11. WMB

    bee deck
  12. My three guesses ar



    and 3rd is

  13. Can we edit our previous posts
  14. I don't think so, but I gave it a shot, haha

    But in reality, my FINAL guess now is RJN
  15. ABE (word)

  16. PMW

  17. f.a.p

    watermellon bees
  18. GYH

    The deck? Watermelon Bees.
  19. vor

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