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    all i can say it was perfect...
    all moves are deliberate
    the switch was briliant, yet so smooth...
    never though of switching package like that before, that's a bold manuvere
    the trick is simple, direct and hits hard

    perfect, 5/5

    if only i can vote.., lol
  2. Hi,
    I have voted for DMagic, his was:

    • Smooth, and well performed,
    • Simple and effective,
    • Nice switch with the colour change,
    • Also, nice production.

    However White_Lynx86's:
    • Not smooth and moves were visible and un-natural,
    • You flashed on dropping the aces on the queens at the end,
    • Why did you have the different colour backs; it didn't make sense,
    • Less good production.

    So if you make your moves more fluid and less un-natural White Lynx, it would have been better, work on that and the routine as a whole.

    Very good, DMagic.

    Tom Field
  3. @Field
    yup, i noticed the un-natural handling
    at least this video proofes that the routine is meant to be played with pattern

    Thx Tom
  4. my vote goes to Dmagic, it has the same wow effect with a simpler handling.

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