Voting open for Gaff Card Battle :: Please comment on what you think!

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by DoveMagic, Aug 3, 2008.

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  2. And the link for the battle???
  3. "Tricky Devil"'s video breaks the rules, it's over 5 minutes.
  4. Uhh, yeah. A link would be a little helpful if you want to tell people about your battle.

  5. I'm in the middle of watching it now...

    DoveMagic, my main issue with your vid is that more than half of it takes place either entirely off camera or half off camera, making it very difficult to watch, not to mention annoying and suspicious, though your use of the gaff was good.

    shinichikudo992000, for one your video is far over the time limit. However, consider this. I've just watched the first 7 seconds of your video, and you say this:

    "Ok, let's start easy right here, ok?"
    "Let's start with something... Easy."

    And then I've just watched a bit more, and you've said:

    "So... I'm gonna stop at a random card. Ok?"

    Then you show us the card and name it, twice...

    "Ok, I'm gonna take this card, because... Now... Because... My uhh initials are there."

    Honestly, the patter is awful, we can see that you're stopping at a random card, and the vast majority of us seem to be literate, so it stands to reason that we can understand what's going on. With the last line, by saying "this card" instead of "your card" we can tell you know that it's not your card... Also, some of the technical moves need more fluidity, the lifts for example were a little slow. The magic itself isn't bad by any means, and I liked your gaff choice, but try and be more confident. I only watched up to the opening phase of the second trick, by the way.
  6. In Benjamin's video the cards were out of sight for most of the trick , but it was good overall, Tricky Devil did some good stuff but broke the rules , i dont know who to vote for
  7. In my defense, I had a crappy macbook webcam and I tried to get the best possible angle. Its kinda hard to do, but maybe next time I will try to get my hands on a camera. There is no doubt "tricky devil" did some good stuff, and it takes skill to do a card trick that long. Anyways keep on commenting, because its the criticism that really helps me improve as a magician, and I am sure it helps tricky devil too. Thanks guys!!

    Benjamin Dove

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