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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Eddie, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    The voting for my battle with dreamkidz is now open!
    Check it out and vote for your favorite vid out of the two.

    Also since I've been pretty harsh on some of you guys(I get a lot of bad days) it's your turn to pick on me because I know my video isn't as great.

    I really hope you guys can give us some good constructive criticism to help us out in our future videos.


    PS. dreamkidz's accent is pretty awesome.
  2. I didn't like your video as much as it was repetitive, you did the same sandwich each ace (and 6 of diamonds).

  3. Yes thank you for your honesty.
    I was about to have another sandwhich effect before, but the creator didn't want me to have a video performance of it. So I ended up using this one from Card College and I tried to remove some of that repetitve with that last ace. I guess I should've done a little bit more work.

    Thanks again.
  4. I honestly found dreamkidz's video better
  5. I found Eddie's better .. Im still laughing ... "... The ace of, six of Diamonds .... thanks for watching" ... hahahaha ..... It was pretty good I liked it.
  6. this is a tough..i liked both, but eddie's was a bit repetative, but was still fun to watch. And dreamkidz was good cuz i wasnt expecting what was gunna happen...but overall i liked dreamkidz the best
  7. Both videos are pretty good.
  8. Thank for you all comment ! I know still have many way need improve,especially the skill of show card.

    I will work more harder.


    P/S: I like EDDIE joke , that one"... The ace of, six of Diamonds .... thanks for watching" ,pretty cool
  9. I couldn;t see Eddies video at aLL so I voted for dream
  10. Lol that is my fault for the location I was filming. Couldn't get enough light over there and I didn't feel like carrying my lamp :(

    But you're the only one who has a trouble not seeing it at all. I recommend going to the doctor to get your eyes checked because out of everyone that have seen it, you're the only one who complained about not seeing anything.
  11. The vote already finish ! Thank for everyone vote & who support me!

    Hope you guy can give more comment to let me improve myself!


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