Wallet Review: What is the BEST peek wallet? I compare them!

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  1. I’ve owned a handful very good peek wallets, but which one is the best? Well, obviously “best” is a subjective word – and we each have our favorites. Let’s just say what works for me and how I perform – may not be what works best for you. My job isn’t to tell you WHAT to buy or not buy – my job is to be objective and to give you the facts so that you can make up your own mind.

    First – here is a video where I give you the quick run down of a few wallets listing the pros and cons of each one:


    Now that you’ve seen my TOP 4 – here is a closer look at each one of those wallets. Below are full fleshed out reviews of each wallet – giving you close ups, pricing and all of the detailed answers to your questions.

    Viper Wallet by Sylvain Vip & Maxime Schucht

    Infinity Wallet by Peter Nardi

    Ultimate Networking Tool by Jeff Kaylor & Anton James

    Thought Transmitter Pro by John Cornelius


    After I made my top 4 list, I was introduced to another peek wallet and ended up falling in love with it immediately. It hasn’t replaced my number one, but if I had to have a super close “affordable” runner up – this would be it.

    Razor Wallet by Dee Christopher and Penguin Magic


    Lastly, here are some wallets that didn’t quite make the cut. I’ve had and used these wallets over the years, but the ones below either never made it into my long standing working routines or I have ended up selling or giving away

    SansMinds Wallet


    Vader Wallet - Matthew Wright – Ellusionist


    Complete Peek Wallet by Tony Miller


    THANK YOU !!!
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  2. What about the Essential Wallets by Promystic?

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