We might as well start now? ( Abrev's )

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Charles Brown, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Alright, so most sites have abreviations.
    But I havn't seen anything for Theory 11?

    Ellusionist has E, I suppose..

    So does Theory 11 Have T11? ( Pronounced as Tea-ill or teel or Tee-e-lev-in :p )

    Just a thought..
  2. If you look around, you will already start seeing people (including me) using the abbreviation of Theory 11 as T11.

    Shane K.
  3. Yeah I believe we should just refer to it as T11 (Tee-eleven) :). It's simple and fun, and saying anything else would confuse people. Like if you called the site UME (Underground Magic Epicenter) people would be like "wtf?"

  4. haha UME doesn't sound that bad but its true people wouldn't have a clue, T11 is what I use
  5. Yep T11 is the best. Simple and easily identifiable.
  6. I've been using T11 for a while, and I've seen variations involving hyphens, capital and lowercase letters, and whatnot. Do we really need to have a discussion about this, though?
  7. UME sounds a little corny to me anyway :/ T11 is perfectly fine. But there's no reason to go keeping it a secret and elevating it to the status of a cult. If others ask, just speak.
  8. yup, T11 works fine
  9. I use T11 (Pronounced Tee-Eleven).
  10. t11 sounds good to me :)
  11. I figured everyone else was posting repetitivly so I would to.

    We've been using T11 forever, keep up.
  12. When I write it down I use T11 but I still say it as "Theory 11"... What's the point of shortening short words? What; are you trying to save time? Time for what? To say other stuff like "Guardians"? Why don't you shorten that down as well? "G's"... Then we would have more time to use - for nothing! Just say the whole bloody word! Jeez!!!:p:p [/sarcasm] :D:D

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