What are Some Good Magic Books Pre-20th Century/Early 1900's?

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  1. Hello all, first off I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, I thought this was the appropriate place to post.

    Secondly, hello! I am new to the world of magic in general and am currently practicing card magic planning to get through RRTCM and Card College.

    However, I thought with my limited budget I should see if I could take advantage of the public domain of books. However, I had trouble trying to find books pre-20th century that dealt with teaching the general principles rather than list a bunch of tricks while not dealing with the fundamentals and good habits to develop in order to do said trick. A 3-minuite quick trick Youtube video in text form perhaps is the best way to describe it.

    So I wanted to ask you all if any books Pre-20th Century/Early 1900's are good for a beginner to read. The only I have found that I may add to my list is Modern Magic by Professor Hoffman, I was hoping there were some other books worthy of getting.
  2. Hoffman wrote an entire series of magic books, including More Magic, Later Magic, and Latest Magic.

    There's always the classic Discoverie of Witchcraft which is the first known magic book ever published.

    Those are all the ones that come to mind right now.

    @RealityOne would probably know some more.
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  3. The only thing I can think of that is close to what you want is the original Mail Order Tarbell course which is in the public domain and available at http://www.magicbunny.co.uk
    (Click on "Tarbell Course in Magic" at the top of the page).

    You also may want to check out The Learned Pig Project section of lybrary.com
    It is a public domain treasure trove. Lots of great stuff written by Jean Hugard and Theo. Annemann.
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  4. Here are some of my favorites. August Rotenberg is very easy to understand more so than Hoffman. I'm not sure why his books aren't all that popular.

    Modern Magic by Professor Hoffmann
    More Magic by Professor Hoffmann

    Sharps and Flats by John Neville Maskelyne

    The Modern Wizard by August Roterberg
    Latter Day Tricks by August Roterberg
    New Era Card Tricks by August Roterberg
    Card Tricks and How To Do Them by August Roterberg

    Modern Coin Manipulation by T. Nelson Downs

    The Magician's Handbook by P.T. Selbit

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