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  1. Hey everyone, hope you are having a great day. Thanks for checking out this thread. I can use some tremendous help with a problem that I am having. As in a sense of letting me know what you would do, what I can do, etc. So now, my situation is that I have been into magic since I was 10 years old. I had gotten the, Joshua Jay's Magic The Complete Course Book for when I started out. I had no previous interest before then with magic, but I was at my Mom's for the weekend, and was getting pretty bored. We then went to the library and my Mom pointed it out. About 6-8 months later I had grown out of Magic. Then when I was in Math class last year, we were working on integers, with PLAYING CARDS! When I was in class, I had noticed how horribly I held the cards. Then I decided to go back home, pull out Joshua Jay's book, and simply get out all my cards, and work. From then on I have not stopped. Now, I am 13 and what my problem is is that I have discovered cardistry about 4-6 months ago. Cardistry is not the problem. The real problem is that I have loved magic from the beginning, but now I have a major interest within cardistry. The only thing is that all of my books, DVD's, and downloads are about magic. The only thing that I have in relation to cardistry is Genesis Volumes 1 and 2. So my ultimate question is that, I only want to pursue cardistry, not magic. I do not want to throw away all of my magic stuff because it would then go to waste. And with having all of my books, DVD's, and downloads being only magic, I feel trapped. As if I dug myself into a hole in which I can only pursue magic. I deeply want to follow cardistry and improve. So if anyone could just take the 5-10 minutes to help me out or even let me know what you would do in this type of situation. Thank you in advance.
  2. There are some free cardistry downloads in the Wire. I've been out of cardistry for a good two/three years, so I can't make any recommendations, although I'm sure someone else can. I'd probably start there though. Just spend a bit of time practicing flourishes along with your magic. It's definitely possible to get good at both, if that's your aim. Once you've got a few flourishes down, play around with them, maybe try to make wee variations. Don't worry if you struggle at first, once you've got used to handling cards in weird ways it shouldn't be hard to keep progressing. Good luck, and keep trying.
  3. I have the same struggle. I really enjoy both magic and cardistry but find it difficult to do both. Sometimes I'm more interested in one or the other for like a month and I'll go back to try and do the other one and it's like totally re learning the art all over again.
  4. I can certainly understand wanting to specialize in a given field but here's the problem; many start with cards and rarely progress beyond that scene, they become addicted to knuckle busting vs. being an entertainer (the latter of which rarely employs those more technical techniques). There's nothing wrong with learning the basics of card work but one really needs to round out their knowledge of slight-of-hand in particular not just "magic" for the sake of doing tricks. For this reason I constantly point new people and young alike to the Bill Tarr books Now You See It; Now You Don't I & II as well as the Jeff McBride Manipulation videos. I can assure you that you won't regret it.
  5. That is exactly where I am at to. Thanks so much for the reply also.
  6. Wow! Craig, thank you so much for the reply. I have the good enough foundation that I believe I will not need the, Now You See It; Now You Don't book series. Although, I have heard of the, Jeff McBride; Art of Manipulation Series. And I can definitely say that I will look more deeply into it the disc set. Since Christmas is coming up, I think that is just what I will be going after. So again, Thank you so much for the help and awesome recommendation.
  7. Thanks Reg! I will definatley be checking more of those out.
  8. Hello ToConjure! I love both Cardistry and Magic, so I do both. But if you are just interested in Cardistry you should try to find free tutorials and try to sell all your magic stuff so you can buy more cardistry stuff. This is just what I would do. I hope this helps and have a good day!
  9. Thanks so much for replying, HaydenSinCollins! It helps out a lot. Now I am not sure if this is a stupid question or not, but do you know where I could sell some of my magic stuff. Like a website or something? I have a lot of items that I would love to purchase for cardistry. It is just that I have absolutely no idea as to where I could sell my magic stuff, Many thanks in advance!

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