What do you guys do with used cards?

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  1. I probably throw around 1 deck away per week, I usually keep one old bike with me just for magic and effects that requires a substitution or duplicate. I am horrible at flourish but i don't know why i am so heavy on my cards. But is there a good way to use the old cards effectively? I live in Taiwan and I can get $1.5 US dollars/bicycle deck.

    Any advices would be deeply appreciated!

    Keep up the good work guys, don't give up!

  2. In my case, i keep them lying around and i dont use them as duplicates, they look terrible, but i perform effects that require a card in danger (torn and angle zero, voodoo zone also )
  3. Card Warp Deck

    What I like to do with either old cards or damage decks, is put them all together and then I make a Card Warp Deck. It's something Darwin Ortiz mentioned in one of his DVD's and I thought it was a very, very clever idea and a great way to use the cards for another magic effect instead of throwing them away. Or you could try and make a card house! lol :D
  4. alright, thanks guys, I'll try them out.
  5. Hehe I used to make a lot of those playing card giftboxes, love 'em.
    I usually use them for any home poker games, no one minds or use them for playing card throwing practice ;)
  6. I make playing card gift boxes and sell them on ebay for £1 each
  7. I got into the habit of burning old decks. Old bike cards really get on my nerves, so everytime there is a fire to hand, my old cards get used as fuel :) Their very good fun to watch burn.
  8. I typically use my old cards to practice throwing cards, or tricks that involve tearing cards like a torn and restored card.
  9. They just keep lying in my closet. I milk a deck as much as I can before putting it away. I practice torn and restored cards, and make other gimmicks with old decks.
  10. making gimmicks is a good idea, i split a lot of them for doublebackers and facers. also use them as dupes, or for effects where a card will get destroyed.
  11. i put mine in a bowl and when watchin telly grab a hand full and do productions ect
  12. Practicing mercury's card fold.

    And also, when I feel comfortable with a sleight with a new deck, I make sure I can still do it with extremely old cards. There's a few instances where laymen have given me a deck to use, and it is in terrible condition, so I practice for that.
  13. old cards make great bookmarks!
  14. After I saw that vid on making boxes out of cards I made a box two cards long, 1 card wide.

    Its pretty sweet the exterior is shadow masters backs with the shadow master jokers on the left and right sides and the interior is red circle backs with red bee backs on the bottom. I'll take a pic when I can borrow a camera :/
  15. I don't throw the decks away when they become old ones (it tooks about 2 weeks for them to do it). I keep them, and when I need duplicates, or gimmicks, any kind of gaffs, or cards for torn and restored card routines, I use them. There's no need to buy a new deck of cards (all the more so Standart Rider Back costs 5$ in Moscow). So, that's what I usually do with old decks.

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