What is something you can say during a magic trick but You can't say during a first date?

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  1. Well, this game night is late, but I have been busy.

    This should be VERY interesting:
    What is something you can say during a magic trick but You can't say on a first date?

    As always be creative, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
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  2. I need you to close your eyes....
  3. Can I borrow a 20 dollar bill?
  4. Here, reach into my pocket.
  5. ...now squeeze the two balls tightly...
  6. Anything related to magic. You really don't want to make the entire date about magic.

    But that's boring, so let me make it a bit more interesting.

    "I am going to touch you" (invisible touches).
    "Have you ever heard of people who can bend silverware with their mind?" *Waiter looks nervously your way*
    "Sorry, what was your name again?"
    "Now, I am going to see how good you are at lying"
    "We haven't met before, so there is no way we could have set anything up beforehand, right?"
    "Can I borrow your (engagement) ring for a second?"
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  7. why would they have an engagement ring on their first date with you?
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  8. Exactly
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  9. After your date orders her main course, "are you happy with that selection, or would you like to change your mind?"

    Not that anyone should actually say that in an actual performance.
  10. I cannot stop laughing at this
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. “As you can see, all the items on the menu are different. I want you to point to one and remember it. Got it?”
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  13. "Do you have any large bills on you? A hundred? Perfect. Now look, we'll just light this on fire"
    (They're already gone)

    It's Jim Halpert, the Magician edition
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  14. *Hands her the bill/tab*
    "Alright, I'm going to turn around so I can't see and you sign your name across the face"
  15. upload_2018-7-21_3-36-48.gif
  16. May I ask why? Not to derail, just curious.

    Annnnd purely because I've seen a friend do this and it did NOT go well at all for him: Fire wallet + the line "Wow that bill just made my cash go up in flames". So much cringe.
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  17. It's just unnecessary patter that arouses more suspicion rather than diffusing it. Having the cards spread out in front of you and letting them pick any card is usually all they need to make it feel like they had a free choice. Plus, most people don't care what card they pick. So asking them if they are happy with the one they picked just feels strange.
  18. To add to what @Antonio Diavolo said, the line confuses spectators and distracts from the effect. The spectator isn't sure if they picked the wrong card, if they should pick a different card or if they should stay with the card they picked. Every time I see this said, the spectator looks uncomfortable. Further, it distracts from the effect by putting more emphasis on the selection than what is needed. If the method used for a selection is fair, there is no need to try to reinforce it. The more you talk about the fairness of the selection, the more the audience thinks about whether the selection is fair.

    Finally, I'm a big fan of showing rather than saying. Show through actions that the selection of anything is fair. When you have to say something to establish a selection is fair, the natural tendency of the audience is to question what you say.

    Also, that line is usually followed by "OK, then you'll keep the mind you have..." Sigh.
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  19. I use it sparingly for things like B'wave to rouse up that extra bit of fun. (for example "Are you sure you want to choose red? It's an imaginary game, we can't change it after you made the choice!") I can see what you're saying about using it for most other tricks though. Like the chicago opener it would be entirely unnecessary and just make them question their card choice, if it was fair, so on and so forth.

    But I might reconsider and try different patter as even with B'wave it could distract from the effect with "Oh you wanted me to choose black, I bet it wouldn't have worked if I said red" and the spectator has the suspension of disbelief halted due to choice fairness.
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    Let me see your bottom [card].

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