What is the best dvd to learn gambling sleights?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cyrus J, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. I would like to learn more about cheating at cards (seconds, bottoms, etc) but I don't know which dvd to buy. I am having a hard time deciding between Mechanic by Daniel Madison, Foundations by Jason England, or Jason England Live. Which one do you recommend?
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  2. If you HAD to buy one of these, I would probably go with Jason England's Foundations. Jason has always been amazing with covering all of the little details. However, the best video project I have come across regarding gambling and cheating would be Steve Forte's Gambling Protection Series. When I think gambling, I always think Steve Forte.

    Link to Steve Forte's GPS:
    *It's pricy, but it would be well worth it.

    I would also recommend getting a copy of The Expert at the Card Table as well, if you don't own it already.
  3. Thanks, I already have Expert at the Card Table and Expert card technique but thanks for the recommendation!
  4. I wouldn't recommend Mechanic, most of what he teaches is taught elsewhere much better in my opinion. The stuff that he teaches that is unique and helpful can mostly be found on his Vimeo channel for free, so I'd check that out for sure.
  5. Should keep you busy for a couple years ;)

    If you want a DVD to learn moves from, then better go with Jason England's Foundation Series. Steve Forte's GPS is great but the moves aren't taught (only exposed). So I would keep that one for later.
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  6. Yeah, I agree with Joey. If you don't know the gambling stuff in those two books you really should. Everything sleight in this routine is from those two books alone and the routine itself is my take on an effect in Royal Road.

  7. Foundations by Jason England is second to none. Caveat Emptor, Crooked Deals takes months to do, years to practice and a lifetime to perfect.
  8. Jason England for sure.
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  9. My good friend David Malek has a DVD out about stuff like that. Still say he has one of the cleanest false shuffles in the business! :)

    Focuses heavily on actual poker gameplay, but could have some useful stuff in there!
  10. It's not a DVD, but if you're able to master everything taught in Daniel Madison's "How to Cheat at Cards", you'll have a pretty epic set of skills. That being said, the writing can be a bit hard to follow, so you'll have to reread sections a few times to really understand the material. But he does cover about every field of gambling sleights and deceptions out there, so I'd say it's a pretty great resource.
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  11. That blank deck production at the end really caught me by surprise haha
  12. Hi,

    If you want to learn/improve false shuffles, false-cuts, stacking ; I would recommend "The Science of Shuffling and stacking" by Richard Turner. As has already been said before, Jason England's videos. By far one of the best teachers ; easy to follow, clear and detailed explanations. As always, Jason doesn't miss to give the history or background, original sources and/or other publications of the moves.
  13. What's that guy that did an over cut and made it look like an under cut? That's the one you want.

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