What is the best T11 trick that I should get? I have $25

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  1. So I got a $25 gift card and I want to know what should I buy. There is so much! Could you give me some suggestions?
  2. What excites you? Cards, coins, anything but cards & coins?
  3. I like cards especially, but anything is fine
  4. I haven't bought much lately but in the world of cards from T11, I've heard a few people rave about Double Agent.
    That's one that comes to mind that I've been thinking about getting but I haven't personally tried it.
  5. Ok I will think about it. Thanks!
  6. One of the worst habits you can develop as a magician is buying tricks that you don't need or will perform. Especially when in today's market, a single trick can cost at least 20 dollars. It's best to master the material you have and polish it into a good routine. But if you have to buy something, buying magic books will get you the best bang for your buck. A used copy of a Tarbell volume or Scarne on Cards costs around only 15 dollars, but it's chockful of tricks. Even if you only find 3 or 4 tricks worth learning, you've gotten more value than the 20 dollar single trick.
  7. Thanks a lot! I will look into these ones.
  8. I would say..
    Jason England - Penguin Live lecture
    Bill Malone - Penguin Live lecture
    David Williamson - Penguin Live lecture

    Not the TH11, but..

    Depends on you tastes of course.

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