What is the name of this shift/pass?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by olezhkin, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Hello!I came across it on YouTube, could you tell me how this pass is performed and who came up with it? How many players does he keep?

    Thank you for your attention!
  2. I would check out Troy Hooser's Table Passes, I believe there is something similar in there.
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  3. The video shows the elevator hop. I didn't see the move in the trailer of Troy Hooser's download, but I don't own the video, so I can't check. If you want to learn it, check out Volume 1 of Steve Forte's Gambling Protection Series (it can be purchased seperately at Vanishing Inc.); though the move isn't explained, it's clearly shown from different angles, making it quite easy to learn.

    What exactly do you mean by that? The hop restores the full order of the deck.
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  4. I don't have Troy Hoosers download either, but I thought it looked similar to some of the stuff in the trailer.
  5. [QUOTE = "Scodischarge, post: 509422, member: 208255"] На видео показан прыжок в лифте. Я не видел движения в трейлере загрузки Троя Хузера, но видео мне не принадлежит, поэтому я не могу проверить. Если вы хотите узнать об этом, посмотрите Том 1 из серии статей Стива Форте о защите азартных игр (его можно приобрести отдельно в Vanishing Inc.); хотя этот ход не объяснен, он четко показан под разными углами, поэтому его довольно легко изучить.

    Что именно вы имеете в виду? Хмель восстанавливает полный порядок колоды. [/ QUOTE]
    Благодарю за ваш ответ! Спасибо за цитату! Ценю мудрость старших! Его книги для меня слишком дороги. Плюс мой английский не очень хороший, что вызывает проблемы с переводом Google. Из-за этого мне нужен видео или наставник, который может показать и рассказать все мелочи.
    Если есть возможность, расскажите, пожалуйста, как это делается, а дальше дело техники!
  6. Thank you for your response! Thank you for the quote! I appreciate the wisdom of my elders! His books are too expensive for me. Plus my English is not very good, which causes problems with Google translation. Because of this, I need a video or mentor who can show and tell all the little things.
    If possible, please tell us how it is done, and then it's a matter of technique!
  7. What I was referring to was not his books, but videos he did in the 1980s on game protection. If you can, I'd advise you to buy the complete download here, because you get a bonus section with it (the bonus section alone is worth half the price). If that's too expensive, you can get only the first volume with false shuffles, stacking and beating the cut here.
    We don't encourage exposure on this forum, so I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly how it's done. But I highly recommend you get one of the downloads linked above.
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  8. Thank you very much!
  9. My pleasure. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.
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