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  1. I dont know the name of the flourish in the yt video: best cardisrty complitation 2017#1 with the thumbnail of black fontaine curly q fan, or how you do it it is at 2:20 please help and thanks in advance
  2. I believe that is the Anaconda ;).
  3. sorry i meant the one at 2;:21 the two fans with the ss15 deck
  4. Oh lol ok.
  5. do you know?
  6. Il find out, I don't know but I bet you I can with a hour of research.
  7. i looked and i have figured out that it is a public move probaly cause ive seen more than one person done it but i cant find it and i would really appreciate it if you can find it
  8. Can you send a link?
  9. I dont know the name or if there is a tutorial or a book about it. I cant find it
  10. I meant of the video ;)
  11. oh sorry im stupid here it is
  12. Haha, its all good.

    The one after the anaconda? No idea, but I think its a thumb fan on the top half, applying pressure and pulling the bottom half. I tried it and it some-what works. If you find it let me know!
  13. Yea after the anacoda so how do you do it?
  14. Take a card, put it sideways in the deck. Do a regular thumb fan to get the top part, apply pressure and pull the card. This will pull the second half into a fan. You can then break the 2.
  15. Im so confused can you please explain it one more time but better i would really appreciate it
  16. So basically, you take a card and put it horizontally in the deck.
    Then do a thumb fan, but only fan out the top part of the deck (above the card)
    In the same motion, apply pressure, and make contact with the side of the sideways card. This will cause the second fan to occur.
    You can then seperate the 2 fans by holding one from the sideways card down and taking it away.
  17. Ohhh the double fan one is called Center fan by Andrew Avila
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  18. Smear Fan...

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