What makes gold artisans more valuable than black/white ones? Are they a limited run?

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  1. I tried finding more information about gold edition artisans, but haven't had much success. From what I understand, they're just regular artisans but with gold foil on the back design and were sold in target stores for $10, with one at each location. Apparently they were released during black friday sales in 2019, too.

    Are they still being printed/supplied to stores?

    Are they a limited run? How many have been printed?

    As a side note, are regular black/white artisans going to be printed indefinitely or will they be discontinued someday?
  2. Gold Artisans are a unique colorway of the Artisan Deck - the box is a unique gold color, and the Gold color on the cards is foil (vs metallic ink).

    These are not currently being printed. Other than Target, these have not been supplied to other stores. They are still occasionally supplied as a rare item to Target, so if you are lucky you may find one there.

    Yes - they are a limited run with no plans to reprint. We do not release print numbers of any of our decks.

    Artisans (the original Black colorway) and White Artisans are unlimited prints and are available for the foreseeable future.

    // L
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