What type of tricks for 12 year old Kids Show?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by GrahamHorgan, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Im confused on how to do a kids show for 12 years old. Anything younger I could have that goofy fun personality. Or if it was a higher age like 15+ I could be more serious and do cards tricks and so. What's your thoughts and experience?
  2. The magic I do is strictly for my grandkids and their parents. I am not a professional by any means... They range from 3 year old to 21 year old. Two are in the 11-13 age bracket. This age is one where they still have many of the attributes of smaller kids, but they are beginning to question and look deeper into what you are doing, as their focus and ability to question things is coming out.

    Many of my tricks are highly visual for the younger ones (Cups and Balls, Sponge Balls, Professors Nightmare, Cut and Restored Rope, Egg Bag, Needle in Balloon, etc..)

    The 11-12 still really enjoy these type of tricks, but I add in Coin magic and Card magic as the younger kids cannot follow much of the card magic unless the cards have pictures) I also find the older kids love mentalism tricks, ...e.g. you read a card they select without touching it, Three-Way Test... As you mention the 'goofy guy' doesn't work as well, so I go to a very serious powerful Wizard, mode as I shift early on into Mentalism....kids at 11-13 eat this up.....maybe Harry Potter influenced much of this mindset in kids.....
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  3. Very good question. There is that weird age where they do not like stuff that little kids like but may not grasp concepts of the Magic is geared towards adults. I would say you could do adult oriented magic but find ways to connect with them. The Pokémon trick for example is aimed at that age group perfectly.

    Try to find pop culture references they can relate to. For example “roblox” is super popular amongst that age group right now. Finding a way to tie that in will have their attention.
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  4. I think there is a lot of great stuff in this lecture for that age group: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/4289

    Also, just anything that is visual or relatable to them should work. Stuff with oreos, cellphones, or anything like that should resonate with them.
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  5. These guys have more experience then me, but I've performed for a few 12ish year olds.

    One thing that I've found:
    Regardless of age, Sponge Balls work.
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  6. I think Minecraft is as well. So maybe a Minecraft themed trick using sponge cubes could work
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