What you do with jokers?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bryan Huang, May 18, 2013.

  1. Just wondering, when you guys open a deck of cards, do you keep the jokers in the deck or do you take them out?
  2. Some Jokers carry a cool reveal that you can use in your routines. Others are just nice to look at.
    And you can use the two Jokers for transposition effects.
  3. I take them out, but I keep them still. Some tricks use them, but also, I like to make gimmicks so I keep all those pointless cards to experiment with rather than using up cards out of that newly opened deck.
  4. Gotta have those jokers for all the sandwich effects.
  5. Jokers have many great uses. They are great for sandwich effects as most would use them. I keep them around for 53 card deck routines. John Bannon likes using 53 cards decks and Harry Riser also just to name two. I also keep jokers to practice crimps, mercury folds, torn and restore, mucks or anything that will alter or decrease the life of cards.
  6. I generally leave them in the deck, but at the front or back so I can take them out easily. I rarely use them in tricks these days, but that's not a conscious decision, I just haven't been doing tricks that specifically use jokers. A lot of what I do involves the colors or suits of the cards, so I take the jokers out because they just muck up the works for that stuff.

    I do use them for torn and restored and such, but I've got so many decks of cards just sitting around that I don't really worry about stock piling spare cards any more.
  7. If the jokers are identical, then I use them as duplicates. but if they are different like in the bicycle deck, then I keep them in and just use them for what ever.
  8. I collect jokers. I have a large collection from the last 20 years
  9. Nice, would love to see the collection.
    Thanks for the response guys.
  10. Most people use Jokers in some sort of sandwich routine, I absolutely love sandwich routines you can find some cheap one's on here one under the wire by Zach Mueller (Must Have) and I believe they have one more called the ishkabible sandwich under magic tricks. Both are pretty inexpensive and use Jokers!
  11. torn and restored... i forgot the name of the one i use, but chris kenner performs it and wayne houchin explains it.
  12. I keep them in. If I take them out, it's because I'm doing my sandwich routine.
  13. If you use the same cards all the time they make great dupes - you can show the big and little joker and then say 'we'll just use the big one' and then have dupes setup for the trick, they've seen both jokers and won't think 'oh, he's got more than one joker in there...'

    Also practice for things that require destruction of cards.

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