What's a magic effect that does not exist yet?

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  1. This question has been asked in many places in many ways. Most of the responses a thread like this gets are nowhere near creative enough. I want to hear your craziest ideas for magic tricks that you wish you could do. I'll give an example of some magic effects that I have thought of as examples of the types of things that I want to brainstorm. Go as new and original as you can.

    Effect 1: The Moon is Made of Cheese
    The magician is walking with friends. They look up at the moon, the magician climbs up a ladder plucks the moon from the sky, tosses it down to a friend where they find that it is a white cheese wheel. The magician then takes a bite of the wheel and tosses it back up into the sky where a crescent moon now occupies the space that the full moon previously resided.

    Effect 2: Any Biography Called For
    The magician gives a spectator a book wrapped in paper and asks them to think of any famous person dead or alive. They rip open the paper and it is the biography of Abraham Lincoln. That's wrong but when they remove the dust jacket of the book a biography of their named celebrity is found inside.

    Effect 3: Moving Earing
    The magician asks a volunteer to put on an earring. This earing is then moved to another location on the ear and the previous piercing is shown to be healed up.

    Effect 4: Super Speed
    The magician shows a live news feed to an audience. This is being broadcast at least 25 miles away but across the country is even better. They then borrow a shoe from a spectator and runs out of the theater, or house. Seconds later they can be clearly seen on the broadcast with the shoe in hand.

    Effect 5: Healed and Sealed Wall
    The magician drives a car through the wall of their house, the theater or a random building. They then cover the carnage for just a few seconds and all traces of the accident have vanished, the wall is unscathed.

    Effect 6: Guns and Names
    The magician walks up to the gun section at Walmart and shows their spectator some of the guns in the glass case. The case is securely locked and there are no attendants around. They cover the case briefly and the stuff in the case has reassembled itself so that it now spells out the volunteer's name.

    Effect 7: Travelling Fingernail
    The spectator freely selects one of their fingers and the color of a bottle of nail polish. This fingernail is painted and dried. The spectator then chooses a nail on the other hand. The magician is then able to cause the painted fingernail to travel to the other hand's freely selected finger.

    I'd love to hear your crazy ideas!
  2. I think effect# 3 is totally plausable if you do it to your own ear. Think of the moving button effect.

    As for my own crazy idea, I’ll see what i can come up with! Sounds like a fun idea!
  3. Yeah, I was really trying to go crazy with these ideas and get at something new. I'm surprised at how many of these tricks may have a possible method or methods. It's a fun exercise.
  4. I like effect 2. Probably possible too.

    My effect: The magician has a 2000 piece lego broken apart on the ground. His friend asks him to put it back together. He uses the force and puts it together in fast motion taking under a minute.
  5. I had this idea for awhile, but never came up with a method:

    You wear a necklace that has been tucked in your shirt your whole show. You bring attention to it. You mention how its not yours. It actually belonged to your late relative. The person you loved the most. You then ask the spectator if they feel the same way about anyone else. Say a late mother, or father for example.Since we all experience death More often than not they'll say yes and name them . You look puzzled as you say that is odd. As you remove the necklace and show it around it has that name written on it. You hand them the necklace let them examine it and keep it as a souvenir. They now have the name of their late parent, uncle, grand parent, ect, and an unforgettable memory.
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  6. Ooh, I like this! I like the idea of putting it in a shoe box and putting the box in the spectator's hand. As they shake the box they can hear the pieces start to come together. When they open the box the thing has been totally solved.

    I'd perform this!
  7. Anything to do with death can be super interesting. This isn't as personal but I'd love to have a prediction on a headstone at a cemetery. Haha, when I die on mine I'm going to put a circle in a triangle, 37, and the Queen of Hearts in different places.

    No, I think I would like to take a walk through the cemetery and ask a few questions. Name a color, what was the name of your dog growing up, who was your first-grade teacher etc. You then see a headstone with a balloon tied to it. The balloon matches the color selected and the rest of the choices are engraved into the thing.

    It would be scary to bring them to a tombstone that had their information on it. Date of birth, Name etc. I can think of a possible method, but man, this would be freaky for the right person.
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  8. Two more came to mind.

    Effect 8: McDonald's
    It would be great to go to a McDonald's and stand your buddy in front of the tall sign with the special orders on it. The ones with the plastic letters. You then ask them to make a realistic order and even name a price. When you show them the sign it matches their order

    Effect 9: Ring to Glasses
    This one is an old one that I'd love to be able to do. I want to make a ring penetrate the bridge of a pair of glasses. The glasses and ring need to be examinable. I have thought of a few methods for this but nothing examinable, and I feel like this screams to be examined.

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