What's the most ridiculous magic argument?

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Which magic argument is do you dislike the most?

  1. Cardistry vs. Flourishing

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  2. Criss Angel vs. David Blaine

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  3. Was Shawn Farquhar inspired by Russ Steven's "Shape of My Heart" routine?

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  4. Did Marlo or Vernon invented the tilt?

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  5. Street Magic vs Busking vs Walk Arround

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  1. Magician's are so great at arguing over meaningless things especially on the internet! Which popular argument is the most ridiculous to you?
  2. " I know how it's done. It's actually *blablablablablablabla* (secret exposed!) . I know because I'm a professional magician. "
    LoL. Encountered this kind of comment in Youtube.
  3. I think we all know what you're going through. The holidays may be over, but that doesn't mean you've had your last awkward, irritating discussion with a friend or family members who just won't listen to reason, especially if you know you're the reasonable party. Whether you're arguing science, politics, or the finer points of tipping wait staff, if you find the other party in your argument beginning to get irrational and refusing to listen to reason, here's how you defuse the situation before it gets testy and someone says something they'll regret.
  4. I don't hate the "Cardistry vs Flourishing" argument, I hate the "Cardistry vs Magic" argument. THAT'S ridiculous.
  5. They're largely all equally ridiculous because they are opinion-arguments, which cannot be won.
  6. "He`s a real magician`s magician"
    As if that would be a good thing. Who the **** cares about doing magic for magicians ? I don`t.
  7. Actually Chris, the term "Magician's Magician" used to refer to the guys known for developing magic for the bigger named pros as well as those that could either stump the pros (which isn't all that hard to do) or "impress" the pros with their skill, confidence and demeanor. In the 40+ years I've been around this stuff and having seen hundreds if not thousands of magic lovers work, I can state that I've only seen less than a dozen true "Master" Magicians of this caliber and about a dozen genuine technicians (not all of whom have solid performance skills). So there is a lot to be said about someone that is a "Magician's Magician" and it's an honor that warrants positive respect.

    I had to laugh at a lot of these because they are ridiculous and as has been pointed out, usually based on personal opinion. The irony is however, these same opinions have been around for more than a century in most cases and as Vernon, Billy McComb, Max Maven and many others have pointed out, they will probably be going on a century from now because most magicians are just that petty.

    I blame my pig-headed Irish nature when it comes to my penchant for arguments; that and the fact that most of the time people will discover that I'm usually correct in my perspectives (something that used to piss my step-kids off something terrible, and that was around non-magic issues). . . and that's not my ego speaking, btw, just ask my students.

    I am surprised that a few classic arguments are yet to be listed;

    • Mentalism Isn't the Same as Magic
    • Playing Cards Don't Belong in Mentalism
    • You're Doing Mental Magic Not Mentalism
    • Mentalists Should Never Do Readings
    • Seances Should Not Leave People Terrified
    • You Should Never Do a Seance That's Emotional
    • Readings for Entertainment Purposes Only
  8. Well, I do understand every of your point except one Craig: Readings for entertainment purposes only. Shouldn't it be an ethical question? I assume that "reading" in this case is to tell people that you can talk to the dead and tell them some "recomforting" thing about them right? Or do you mean something else?
  9. Chris Angel vs David Blaine..i vote for this one and not being my favorite but the worst i guess..i really don't like either of them.
  10. I've been a Mentalist for nearly 20 years now, been a Tarot Reader since the mid-1970s and as such I both, know the differences between what I do when I read the cards vs. when I blow hot air up someone's kilt. It can be an entertaining experience but doing Readings is rarely a matter of "entertainment" . . . unless you're a skeptic that enjoys misusing psycho-babble, that is. Readings are very personal and can be quite emotional, this is why folks are willing to pay small fortunes to those they have learned to trust . . . and it's not extortion or exploitation on our end.

    Here's One For You. . . take a look at all the Niel Scryer books now in distribution, especially Niel Scryer & Friends; you'll find numerous well known Mentalists that do legitimate Reading work; that's what the book is filled with, several of whom do nothing but Readings and so they use an alias in the book.

    Another source you may check out is my FREE PDFs on Mentalism & Cold Reading, they may open your eyes a bit wider when it comes to this side of Mentalism, the side certain social-political elements are trying to suppress.

    BTW. . . "Ethics" vary; Bankers for an example, think it's ethical for them to screw the public, steal their money and homes, etc. and that's just one of the "Legitimate" industries out there that display less compassion & humanity than 95% of the "Psychics" (Readers) you'll ever learn about. If it is not in your nature to take advantage of others, you won't. The reverse is also true.
  11. *Slow clap*

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