What's your favorite thing you have ever "created"?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh Burch, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. That's the question.

    "Created" is in quotes because I mean it very loosely. Sure I'd love to hear if you have created a brand new effect and method that David Copperfield used to close his show but I'm also interested in interesting routines and lines that you may have created yourself.

    For me, currently, a few things come to mind. My favorite things change a lot.

    Twister Closer - I close my show with a prediction written on a Twister board. I'm proud of it because it's one of the most original things I have ever created. I use it to close my show because it is funky. It's not the strongest thing I do, and it's not the best either. But, it's uniquely mine and I know that virtually no one else on the planet is doing anything similar. That's a great feeling.

    Growing Coin in Swimming Pool - I brainstormed some ideas on these forums before trying them out and publishing this effect. It's a jumbo coin routine that you have to do in a swimming pool. I'm proud of it because it uses a funky space-age method, it's incredibly easy to do, and it's a little bonkers as far as the method and effect are concerned.

    Gordian Knot - This is a very easy to do funky impossible knot in a rubber band. Again, it's weird and that's why I love it. The reactions that it gets are funky and drawn out. It's different than anything else I do.

    Electro - I'll always be proud of my 2 deck triumph effect Electro. It's classical in nature but different enough to call my own. It is strong, and it does get good reactions. It's a great closer for a close up routine.

    That's enough from me. I'd love to hear about your ideas that you are proud of!
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  2. I really like my presentation for smash and stab. It takes the routine away from (fake) danger/find the pointy thing, and instead presents it as a sort of trust exercise which builds engagement with the audience. It still has the visceral aspect, but the visceral aspect isn't the point of it any more.

    I also created a pretty good PK Touch routine if I say so myself. I didn't invent any of the methods I used, but I arranged them in a way that I have not seen anyone else do, and again the premise was not what I've seen other performers do. It created a genuine experience of connection for the volunteers.

    After I retired the PK Touch routine I created another one using a Voodoo Doll which I am very proud of. It only needs one volunteer instead of two for my older PK touch routine so that makes it a bit easier to pull off in more scenarios. It's also darker in nature which suits the kind of shows I've been doing lately.

    Some other fun stuff I've created that I quite enjoy - a bizarre presentation for the bounce/no bounce balls, a bizarre ACR, and a volunteer-as-mindreader card guessing routine that my light research has told me no one else has done. Though I'd be surprised if it's never been by anyone, as the method is so blatantly simple, I just haven't had time to do the thorough research.
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  3. Overall, I'd have to say my 17 year old son.

    In terms of magic, the presentations for my egg bag routine and my needle swallowing routine.
  4. How to defaro a deck. If I know what ins and outs have been done to a deck I know how to get it back to the original order in a handful more shuffles than it took to shuffle it. Oddly, this doesn't appear to have much practical use.
  5. Various storylines around otherwise simple effects.

    Card tricks, in my opinion, are the easiest to get creative with because essentially, just with a few sleights (often even one) basic effects can be achieved which can be dressed in any story we want to use.

    Often at times it ends up, in my case, complicating the effect and I then have to discard it, no matter how ''impossible'' it seems or how much time it required to build...
    BUT periodically I hit a great story and a simple effect and voila, #creativity #imagenius.

    So yeah, the only thing I've created really are all storylines. I' m a great story teller. And a great liar. Hence, I'm a great magician.


  6. Why?

    Though I would say that being a great liar and being a great magician are not interchangeable. Being able to weave stories is essential in my opinion, but those stories don't need to be falsehoods.
  7. I apologised for precisely that...XD

    I don't think magicians are liars BUT then, well, it's a grey area and stuff.

    Yes, the stories truer the better, but then they're often exaggerated and pseudo science is used and whatnot...
    Although an absolutely false story is suoer detectable and the audience doesn't feel much for it usually...

    ALL IN ALL THROUGH MY BI-POLAR REPLY...I agree with you.
  8. Ohhh there's a lot.

    First of all I'd say my 4 of spades psyforce, which is a really funny one (especially for magicians) as it bases on telling your spectator about influencing them.

    Invisible Card: Another one I came up with not that long ago is a pretty visual invisible card effect, where I make a card appear on a card box. Then it's place again on the card box, but then visually becomes invisible. The "invisible card" is shown (ok at this point actually my hand is shown) and placed back on the deck, where it becomes visible again.

    Sandwich in spectator's hands: A fun little sandwich routine, where the spectator handles the deck, draws any card and slides it back in. For the reveal he can spread the deck face up to see his card being untouched in the center, but then spreads the deck again to find his selection being sandwiched by 2 cards he named before the trick even started.

    Imagination Selection: One spectator is given a joker in his hand and he puts the other one on top. Another spectator is asked to close his eyes and think of a deck of cards. In his mind he sees a card jumping from the deck into his hands. At this moment he is asked to open his eyes and draw any card from the deck right in front of him and hold it in his hands, and to close his eyes again. In his mind the spectator puts the card back into the pile of cards and then opens his eyes once again. He realizes that his hands are empty, just as he had really just put the card back. The first spectator removes the hand above the card and reveals (the card was the whole time face up) the right card in his hands, which has been there the whole time.
    Probably my favourite one, but also one of the hardest tricks I know (It's not quite worked out yet. Performable, but not good and easy enough).

    Besides that I have a lot of coin and card techniques, that (I think so) I came up with and really like.
    Hope I can bring some of my ideas on the market in some time :)
  9. I have a few effects I've come up with that I'm particularly proud of. I have an original moving hole effect where the spectators punch the holes themselves, A strange effect using a K-Cup & an original bill change.

    I've been creating for a few years now and I love coming up with ideas and discovering new twists on old plots or methods!
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  10. Josh, that Growing coin effect sounds really interesting! Would love to see a video of that if you have one!
  11. It's not the kind of thing that is easily videoed. I'll PM you with the explanation.

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