When card tricks go wrong.... :(

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Rev, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Hi All

    The weather where I am is currently atrocious, so I figured I'd try out a new card trick.

    As you'll see, things didn't quite go to plan....


    Thanks for checking it out.

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  2. Applause

    Nicely done.
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  3. Very intelligent routine, Love it
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  4. Sorry guys, video removed.

    The creator of this trick (Paul Gordon) ripped the video from Youtube, removed my titles and uploaded it to his own Facebook page without so much as a message to me. Despite me reaching out to him, and given the video was my own, I was forced to file a copywriter infringement complaint to Facebook, which resulted in a somewhat 'touchy' email claiming I had performed his trick without permission (despite owning 3 of Paul's products which teach the effect) and therefore he wanted me to remove the video from Youtube.

    I can't be bothered with the hassle, so I have removed it.

    Thanks all

  5. I'm glad I got to see it before it was removed. I think your performance was well done. Nice overhand shuffle work and I liked the use of the anti-faro.
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  6. It basically is: "Hey guys i just made a song! BUT NOBODY CAN LISTEN IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION"

    What about the crappy tutorials on the Internet? Ask Mr. Gordon if he can save the magic world too.

    Anyway i was the first to watch it, don't know if you got my comment: i suggested that a selection (a force, why not) could be easily sneaked in as the "wild card". It would make more sense now to implement a selection and some variations to come up with your version and your idea. Then if he steals your video you can flag him, and maybe use the same email he sent with the name reversed. Evil.
    Just some thoughts.
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  7. I am a fan of Paul Gordon but I am very disappointed in how he is handling this situation.

    Based on YouTube's copyright laws, you in no way infringed upon any copyright violations. Even if you were using his methods that does not constitute a right to take down a video since you can't copyright or get a patent on a method. I'm sure it's not worth the hassle but if you fought it you would win.

    Sharing a video on YouTube is public domain but Mr. Gordon did break some rules. By ripping your video and crediting the ownership of it as his own that is a violation of copyright. I'm very saddened to see that this is what Paul Gordon is like outside the world of magic I know him in.

    I'm not sure I have everything right due to my limited experience on YouTube with copyright laws so perhaps @RealityOne could correct my mistakes.
  8. Note to self, avoid Paul Gordon
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  9. Thanks man, glad you got a chance to see it.

    I did see your comment, Thanks. I'm not petty enough to do what you suggest though, would rather just leave it.

    Just to be clear, it was my choice to remove the video, not Youtube, so there was nothing to 'fight' against, but you are right. Paul told me unless I took the video down he would report me to YouTube, unless of course I was willing to reverse my complaint with Facebook... I chose to take the video down. It was never about whether it was Paul's trick or not (my Youtube video actually credited him in the description), he was just trying to get me to reverse my (successful) copyright claim with Facebook. Either way, I respect Paul's request enough to actually listen to it so have taken it down.

    Re whether he even had a claim, I quoted the following piece from Facebooks own advice page when he contacted me:

    "Copyright doesn’t generally protect facts or ideas, but it may protect the original words or images that express a fact or idea. This means that you may be able to express the same idea or fact as another author, as long as you don’t copy that author’s way of expressing that idea or fact. For example, a playwright may not be able to copyright the idea of a man waking up to repeat the same day over and over again, but the script for a play or movie expressing that idea could be subject to copyright.”

    The trick was Paul's 'idea'. The video recording however, is my 'expression' of the idea and therefore I own it. My issue was that Paul removed any control I had over whether that video was available by uploading it to his own Facebook page.

    That's a terrible shame because Paul is a great magician, and excellent teacher and has a lot of really strong material. He pretty much changed the way I look at card magic and I owe a lot to him and have purchased a ton of his material over the years. I still think it's very good but will certainly think twice about performing his material from now on.

    Anyway, I'm just stating the facts as they are so everyone can be aware of them. I don't want this thread to descend into name calling or character attacks on Paul, so if we can keep it civilised it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks All

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  10. Yes of course, i was joking.
    But it's sad to see that professional magicians can behave... weird.
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  11. On another note the title to this thread still stands perfectly well....if not even better than the original meaning. :D
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  12. Haha! Funnily enough, I was thinking the exact same thing!

  13. Hi Rev,
    Sorry to hear what happened, I am a little late to the party. How familiar are you with Paul Gordon's work. I have seen some of his videos and he is quite the card magician. He is coming out with a new book called Article 52 it has card routines. I have been heavy on card tricks especially Nick Trost, John Carey, John Bannon, and Steve Beam along with Fulves, Scarne, and some of Stewart James stuff. Is Paul's work along these lines or are they more involved with a lot of sleight of hand.

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