Where do I learn this miracle?

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  1. Okay, so I need the name of a source that will help me perform this:-

    Now, I know for a fact that it is not a 'tech-thing' because I've seen Dynamo perform this for an audience where he throws a ball to the audience and they name a place, a month, a time, an artist and other stuff...and Dynamo's prediction matches with all of that.
    I mean, there's got to be a way to do this without stooges! I see a LOT of magicians doing this and the premise is really good, so I use a simplified version of this effect. But that doesn't really guarantee the ABSOLUTE free choice.
    So guys, can you please help me and suggest the name of a source where I can get this effect? I would love to incorporate either this effect as a whole or its intricacies in my repertoire...
    Help appreciated, thanx!

    PS:- For those who cannot really see the video now...in this particular video Dynamo asks 2 members from 1D (I dunno their names, and yes, sue me for that) to name a month and a place, then thru Google+ he retrieves the names of a song and a fan's name (as chosen freely by the members again). And at last. when he reveals his prediction, everything matches. As I said, this has been performed without tech in between too...and I think there was a performance on AGT also, prolly Collins Key performing the same effect (forgive me if I am wrong). So...
    Pls help?
  2. Caveat - I didn't watch the video. I find Dynamo's performances ... not to be my style of entertainment.

    That being said - this is a classic. Generally called Confabulation, but it could be any number of methods.

    Read more books.
  3. So...no specific book recommendations eh?
  4. Ok, I endured the video. Aside from Dynamo's utter lack of showmanship and stage presence, this isn't a standard Confabulation.

    I will say only this - There's a reason they shot most of it wide, and then came in tight a few times right near the end.
  5. as usual ChristopherT will refer you to a book he cannot name...while there are youtube videos out there that reveals it

    I wish ChristopherT showed us a video of HIS performances...since he seems to have a problem with how others do it..

    please show us how to do it
  6. @ChristopherT said a lot of books... confabulation is a standard mentalism plot that should be known to anyone who has studied mentalism like an ambitious card routine should be known to someone who studies card magic. Here is some of the resources: http://www.conjuringarchive.com/list/category/2177. As with most stuff, it is in Tarbell. I would rather learn from any of those books than from a YouTube video. Additionally, there are books that are not in the Conjuring Archive that teach some very good versions of this effect. It just takes a little research to learn the real secrets.

    I haven't seen Christopher perform a confabulation routine, but I have seen him perform. His performance is both intellectually interesting, mesmerizing and, well, a little bit unsettling like all good mentalism should be.
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  7. Wait wait guys...I feel we are too off with this or maybe (the most probable reason) is that I could not make you guys understand me clearly...my bad.
    I want to buy some good books (as I have indicated earlier in my posts) and therefore, can I please (if it is possible, I hope I am not being naive...tho I prolly am) get the name of a specific book?
    Like, one might recommend Modern Coin Magic for, say, the Bobo switch, can anyone recommend a book for this one?
    I know @RealityOne did talk abt Tarbell, and although I know that if anyone wants to be a good magician, the Tarbell books are a MUST HAVE...
    But is there no other recommendation other than the Tarbell books for this particular one pls?
  8. Although I don't really agree with what @ChristopherT says abt Dynamo...we all have our own preferences, right? And tbh...although am quite a Dynamo fan (drew a portrait of him myself and stuck it on my cupboard door), I am more of a fan of his general nature than his performance style.
    But even if I loved his performance style...I'd still not hate someone for not liking a particular person whom I like. I mean, it's his choice...
    And the thing is, I always side with YT when it comes to stuff but that's because I want people to use BOTH, YT and books in a perfect mixture. I don't want people to bank heavily on any ONE of them, and that includes You Tube.
    So while I think that if people like me here, they should mention the name of any tutorial up on YT...
    If people love me here, they should prolly recommend books if there is an effect that a 5 min video can't explain.
    So, I guess am really fine with book recommendations, and I absolutely heart them...
    Meanwhile if you have a good tutorial for what you saw in the video I attached with my post, tell me abt it :D :D :D
  9. RealityOne did post this link in his post which shows you what books to find them in.
    Conjuring Archive is a great place to go when you want to find anything specific and all of it's sources.

    A couple of these are available on the public Domain, so I'll send you a PM :) I'm looking at it right now!
  10. @Lord Magic - I suspect that this can done using a combination of methods explained in 13 Steps to Mentalism. Let me look in a couple of other books to see what the best routine is and I'll send you a PM. The first two books that come to mind are Paramiracles and Mind, Myth and Magik -- both of which are out of print. There was a great version of this presented at the first EMC and I think there is a "Show in Review" effect by Jim Steinmeyer in Genii a couple of years ago. If you want to do something similar, check out the Four Way Test in Mark Wilson's Complete Course. Honestly, knowing the method is not nearly exciting as enjoying the effect. And by the way, @ChristopherT tipped a lot more than you think in his post.

    My problem with that performance is that it is a stunt presented in a "look at what I can do" manner. There is no depth to it. The locked box adds false drama -- trying to make it look more impossible than it is. I'd prefer selecting someone from the audience using a crumpled paper ball, having them describe an imaginary dinner with their spouse (picking member of the audience to suggest places, types of restaurants, meal eaten and cost) and then revealing all of the details as being written on the crumpled ball. I'd dress it up with a round table set for dinner and maybe act as the waiter. Want a darker theme, have someone imagine their obituary and have the crumpled ball be a newspaper clipping of it.

    See, the rub here is that by mentioning a tutorial your are supporting exposure to the public and that by viewing that tutorial or subscribing to that person you are encouraging them to expose more effects to the public. Why would you want to perform something that anyone can find the method out by searching YouTube?

    This is one of the effects that you can do "off the video" and do poorly OR you can learn the fundamentals of mentalism and apply those fundamentals to do the effect in an amazing way. The difference is between learning an ambitious card routine from a video and doing it exactly as it was performed and learning a variety of controls and developing your own version.
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  11. I would love to give you a specific book or whatever resource, honestly - but I don't do predictions. So while I have a method in mind that would work, that method is drawn from general knowledge of mentalism and magic, not a specific routine or book. In other words, I know how I would do it, I don't know if he's using a specific method.

    I will be slightly less opaque - Did you notice Dynamo repeated everything they said, including spelling the name?

    Look into David Regal, as well.

    You are free to like whomever you wish, and really, I shouldn't disparage another performer. That was unkind of me.
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  12. Will be earnestly waiting for the PM...

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