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  1. Where is T11? Where can I send it a post card? Where is the warehouse?
  2. To whom are you trying to send a card? That will probably change the answer.
  3. I believe it is either California or Connecticut but I have no clue. I doubt they would want you to send them a post card at the warehouse lol Maybe there's a spot to email them.

    May I ask why?
  4. If I recall correctly ( and I could be way wrong) the warehouse is in New York, and their office is in Vegas? Or maybe LA.

    A lot of times with internet based companies like this, their office and their warehouse are nowhere near each other.
  5. By sheer coincidence, after reading this I received a package from Theory11.
    The packing slip has the address for the warehouse - in North Haven, Connecticut.
    297 State Street, North Haven, Connecticut
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  6. Not to mention the fact that most of the team are you going to be all over the country, since they still perform at their own gigs, or inventing tricks, Or consulting, or even working (I'm sure some of them have second jobs or are in college).
  7. It has occurred time there is no central location....or is there?
  8. I heavily doubt there is one singular office that the entire team works from.

    Why do you need to know...?
  9. If you want to send us something, message our support team at theory11.com/support.

    We do not have a location for your to send post cards. Our warehouse is in Connecticut, however it is owned and operated by a third party (different company). You can't just send mail to us there or pop by for a visit; 99.99% of the time nobody from theory11 is there, and the people who run the warehouse will roll their eyes and tell you that theory11 does not have anyone there. No tours! The warehouse is used exclusively to ship our products around the world.

    theory11 works from offices across the country. Seattle (me!), California, Nevada, South Carolina, New York, Florida, and more. We do not have any physical locations open to the public or any brick and mortar stores. We are a 100% online business.

    If you want to drop us a note, the best place to do so is at theory11.com/support.

    // L
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