Which one should I buy?

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  1. Hi
    I am wanting to purchase a new effect, I have two in mind. I have been wanting FALL by Banachek and Philip Ryan because it is so visual and simple and works for all ages. I have also been wanting Butterfly playing cards by Ondrej Psenicka because of the beauty of the cards and because of the number of outstanding effects/tricks you can present to the audience with this deck. They are both very different I know but both amazing. Which one should I get?
  2. Which one do you have a better presentation in mind for?
  3. I feel I would have a wider range of performances with the Butterfly playing cards. But FALL is so visual and easy to do.
  4. "Easy to do" means you have to rely on your presentation to make it interesting. Do you have a good presentation for it?
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  5. I think my presentation is more the causal 'out of the blue' routine just like the trailer.
  6. That is, at best, a style of presentation.

    Maybe an example will help.

    When I saw the demo of Occultatum, I immediately thought of a 3 phrase routine revolving around being able to connect to the energy of an object I carry with me regularly, and then being able to transfer that ability to a volunteer. So from the demo video I have the conception of a 5-7 minute routine for parlor or close up performances, and the outline of a script.

    If a product isn't inspiring at least that bare bones level of a routine just by seeing the demo, I personally say don't buy it yet. This will mean you don't get all the fun new products, but it also saves you tons of money and makes your magic better on average.
  7. Cheers for the help. I think because I have many ideas for the butterfly playing cards I will go for those. If I see another trick demo Ill now try and think if any routines spring to mind and if not then it's not for me. Thanks :)

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