Which tricks should I perform?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I've been asked to perform at a small event at my school in 5 weeks, the audience being ~10-13 year olds (possibly with parents). I'll have 2x 3 minutes (give or take) to fill.
    Which effects would you recommend me to use for that?

    Thanks a lot for any recommendations!
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  2. I’m obviously not the best person to answer this, but I can give you one suggestion. Definitely not a gambling routine
  3. It kind of depends how long you have been doing magic, your experience level. And it also depends on how many people are going to be there. If you can tell me that it would be much easier to answer. But with 2-3 minutes I would probably do and ambitious card routine or a switch (here then there) . Which I use a turnover pass in mine and a lot of stuff cuz I’ve been doing magic for a little bit. I do a lot of street magic, but if your going to do it in front of a lot of people and having 5 weeks I would do stuff like “out of this world” “ACAAN”, triumph or oil and water.
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  4. What's the setting? How big is the audience going to be? About how far away will you be? On stage? At the front of a classroom?
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  5. Had to laugh out loud at that :D But guess what, that even I was able to figure out :D
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  6. Who would’ve thought ;):)
  7. well, maybe I can make a stretch, 3 card monte? Lol
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  8. It's difficult to answer your question of how many people will be there, I'm guessing it'll be something between 10 and 20. About my level of experience: I've been doing gambling sleights for a bit over a year, but started practicing magic only a month or ago. Due to my "experience" (not sure if this is the right word after a year) with gambling work I have little difficulty executing most basic sleights (overhand shuffle controls, double lift etc.). But concerning passes (even the TOP) ... well, I don't trust my misdirection enough to execute that in performance yet.
    I've done some card to pocket for some of my friends, but only one at a time; I don't trust my knowledge of the angles involved, so I won't do it for more than a few people at once.

    Ambitious card sounds good. Out of this world is a good effect, but I think it's a little long-winded; I don't know whether 10 y/o will be able to concentrate that long. ACAAN, triumph and oil and water sound good as well, which method would you recommend me to use?

    Audience ~10-20 people (difficult to say). About the other things: I feel a little silly, I'm not sure. I'd imagine it'll be classroom-size, with me having a few feet between myself and the spectators. But I'll ask and get back to you tomorrow.
  9. Ooh, ooh, yes, yes! ... please? :D

    But honestly: Do you think that would be fitting? I've thought about it myself, but 1. I'm not 100% sure it's entertaining enough, and 2. I don't want potentially present mothers to be afraid of their poor little children being made into hustlers.
  10. What do y'all think of a trick similar to the Chicago Opener? There's one in Harry Lorayne's Magic Book I rather like: The whole deck changes colour, one card changes back, this is the card selected by a spectator.
    Do you think this effect would be fitting?
  11. Well I always get good reactions with the impossible 3 card monte,(David Blaine, Andrew jelly JSmagic). And I don’t really do a gambling routine, it’s like a card switch and I even use color changes in mine. And I’m currently working on an impossible oil and water.
  12. Chicago opener is one of my openers lol. That would be nice. I’m working on an opening similar to that
  13. An extended 2 card monte would also make sense...
    [insert thinking emoji]
    Or one of those tricks which is basically a Twisting the Aces, till you reveal that there were 4 Kings all along or something...
  14. The good thing about Three Card Monte is that I can do it quite well already (I mean the street hustler version; I think there's a trick that's called the same but is quite different).

    Here's a few things I already know and could perform:
    Colour Changing Deck (see above post)
    Finding the Aces
    Three Card Monte
    Jumping Aces (Leader Ace, whatever you want to call it)
    And of course the good old "I'll find your card" trick -- though I don't think that can be made to fill 3 minutes ;)

    Wow. Looking at it, that's really a meager list. I definitely have to add a few tricks to my repertoire.
    Anyway, do you think any of these would be suitable?

    Thanks for the suggestions so far guys, keep it up!
  15. I think the color changing deck would be cool, but idk how that would fill 3 minutes. ? I’ll do some reserch on the version you talked about

    And I really like the 3 card monte, but I do the standup gimmick and change version, it’s like a two card monte that David Blaine does. And now I know what your talking about by street hustler.

    I’m not that good at jumping aces or productions yet.

    I do a “I’ll find your card” routine with a key card and wave my hand over and say it’s like I’m reading their mind, and do it with multiple cards and such and such or with a crimp.

    Also, what do you mean by finding the aces trick,????? just curious because there are so many of them like that and I haven’t looked into the follow the leader and productions that much. ?

    I think they are would be suitable, I guess as long as the time is filled? And the trick is entertaining, it’s kind of hard to answer because I have a a different style (street magic or table style) similar to Chris Ramsay, Blaine or shin lim I do a lot of color changes and switches like Chicago opener and here then there etc
  16. I'd go with the color changing deck / Chicago Opener routine. It is easy to follow and color changing deck should get a really good reaction. With the right scripting, you can get it to fill the time and be entertaining.
  17. Yeah, it would be the classic "Follow the red card" theme, putting a bend into the red card etc. Nothing too fancy, but in my limited experience it gets good reactions, especially if you let the spectator bet some imaginary money on the card they choose.

    Again, nothing too fancy; I shuffle the deck and, one after the other, find the four aces.
    Follow the Leader: The four aces are put on the table in a square, with a few cards on top each of them. Then, with a snap of your fingers (or any other magical gesture), you make the aces jump to the Ace of Spades (the leader ace).

    Thank you very much for weighing in as well! :)
    Do you think the Three Card Monte would be fitting for that performance, or should I look for another trick?
  18. I'd avoid three card monte. It can come across as a challenge and that age group might just grab the cards to see what they are.
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  19. Good point, thanks. As I've another 3-minute block to fill, which trick would you suggest for that?
  20. Do you do anything else besides cards? I would

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