White Artisans at Walgreens

Oct 2, 2018
Yesterday I was looking at clearance card decks atWalgreens and saw that they are starting to carry white Artisans. Marked 2019 on seal. So new they didn't have a shelftag yet. $12 but it might suit anyone not wanting to wait by ordering online or if you NEED them at 3AM. Hopefully they'll carry a full line more or less
Jul 6, 2019
You can get them and Target and Barnes and Noble for $10. But yeah it's nice to see them on sale at Wallgreens because they put playing cards on deep discount there like every 6 months. I've gotten like a brick and a half of Ellusionst Black Tigers there over the past year during sales, as well as a bunch of Archangels.


Elite Member
Aug 12, 2018
I picked up the House Blend and Autobike #1 (red) decks there on clearance. I bought one of each for a bit over $4 after taxes.
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