Who invented these moves and when?

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  1. Hello
    Anyone knows who invented these moves and when ?

    The pushing card in the middle of the deck and getting a break with the push.
    And the Pinky break.
    And the triple cut.

    Thank you
  2. The oldest texts I've seen breaks and pushing the card in to get a break published in are Erdnase material( I'm not super experience so I could be wrong), but I bet that He didn't create these concepts.
  3. The oldest systematic teaching in card technique is in erdnase.
    But, i think eather, that he only wrote it and didnt invent it.
  4. The double undercut is what you are describing. It was popularized by Dai Vernon but it was not created by him. For a move as simple as a break you are going to have a hard time finding a source. Same for what is essentially cutting at the break.

    Erdnase is a classic, and a trend setter. It did a lot, but it really wasn't the first "systematic teaching in card technique". Then again, perhaps your definition of systematic differs from my own.

    Almost all of Professor Hoffman's books predate Erdnase. August Roterberg published several books on card magic before Erdnase.

    Erdnase outlines the motion of creating an injog while pushing in a card in his description of the diagonal palm shift. I don't know if he was the first to do so. Hoffman explains the pass in his books and I'm sure Maskelynne uses the break in Sharps and Flats. I'd have to reread my copies to be sure.
  5. I may have misread the question at first. Are you looking for the history of one move? Or three?
  6. Three moves actually
  7. Is there a certain triple cut you are looking for? No one knows who cut a deck into 3 first. It probably happened around 900 AD. Same for the pinky break. That's hundreds of years before the publication of one of the first magic exposés, The Discover of Witchcraft.

    I'm curious why you want to know?

    Same thing for the other piece of Sleight of hand.

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