WIZARD :: Get it now!!

Feb 18, 2011
Bonjour!! ( as Mathieu Bich would say )

If you dig my magic here on The Wire, then you should totally get my brand new multi effect DVD titled
" WIZARD "!!


Here are what all the cool kids are saying about it -

"THANK GOD A MULTI-TRICK DVD WITHOUT ANY CARD TRICKS OR FLOURISHES. I SWEAR TO CHRIST IF THIS DVD HAD ANY OF THAT REDICULOUSNESS ON IT I WOULD GO HOME, KICK MY DOG AND BEAT MY WIFE. 1. thank you penguin for not stooping to the same old same old that all the other internet sites succomb to. 2. this is much overdue. Dalton Wayne approaches things from a different view and presents things that are organic and different. Now keep in mind, different doesn't always mean that it is good. Too many people think that if you do something different or present something or act different that it automatically gives you a one way hall pass into the category of awesomeness. That is a lie. However; Dalton has material that is both different and good. So buy this DVD. Even if you don't use any of the tricks on here the thinking and inspiration you may get from just approaching magic in this manner and thought process will be far more valuable than buying yet ANOTHER STUPID COIN OR CARD TRICK DOWNLOAD. The state of magic makes me sad. Dalton gives me hope."

- :: The Reverend Colonel Dan Sperry, Anti-Conjuror ::

"I'm a huge fan of Dalton, he creates his own path with a fascinating originality and his artistic drive shines through everything he does. I'm excited to sit back and watch him make some serious waves."

-:: Daniel Madison ::

"Dalton Wayne's creativity is a fresh breath of air in magic!"
- :: Marcus Eddie ::

GET IT NOW before anywhere else! Orders will ship November 7th..( next week! )

~ Dalton Wayne

Apr 1, 2009
can't wait! I'll have to wait until I reach my next home as I'm officially moving tomorrow. I want clippings of your hair with my copy.
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