Would you like to have a Jerry's Nugget card?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Morgan B, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Here is the deal – I have used a red Nugget deck to its near death and even lost one card from the deck – the cards are in pretty good condition, but I want to open a new deck – so I thought about what I would do with the old ones...now that they are incomplete.

    Then I thought about the community and realized there are a bunch of kids that can’t afford to own a deck, let alone ONE CARD.

    Then I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I could make 52 people happy by offering them a single card?

    I use playing cards as bookmarks – and have seen other guys do this in their magic books. Therefore, I thought it would be a nice to offer 52 forum members 1 bookmark – a single Red Jerry’s Nugget card.

    Please PM me if you are interested and we can figure out how to get that single card to your place.

    I will do my best to give you your favourite card, and once they are gone – they are gone – I will post when the 52 are gone, if there is any interest at all?

  2. I'm good but thats a nice idea and generous of you although you need to edit that to 51 dont you? Ha. If you get some laminate to put over it you will forever have a Jerry bookmark.
  3. Ask Lee asher for a signature and it's always on a Jerry's nugget card.
  4. Actually No - it is 52...you see, I had both jokers too - I lost a card and want to keep one of the jokers for me as a bookmark - so 2 minus 54 = 52....but I am glad you cleared that up.

    I agree - laminate might be a good idea - but I probably won't do that, haha

    For those of you that don't have direct access to having Lee sign a card...or want to take a card TO him to sign - this is a great deal.
  5. wow that is pretty nifty
  6. thats pretty nice of you

  7. 2-54 = -52 :p
  8. lol, now the other joker is gone. thanks again. i'll post when i get it in the mail
  9. Haha - you got me Jimmah01...haha.

    Thanks ricecooker!
  10. is this limited to the US or what?
  11. good point, im curious as well
  12. <raises hand>

    Oh me me me me!! Pleeeease!!

    And forget a Lee Asher signature...how about a picture of your shoulder...you know...all that rubbing with magical giants.....LOL!
  13. It would be an HONOUR :p ! PLEASE!
  14. It is not limited to the US - when you PM me you will understand.
  15. Jerry card

    I'll take one!

  16. PM'd ;D Reply soon!
  17. So far - reserved cards are the Joker's, Ace of Spades and Clubs, 7 and 8 of Diamonds, J and K of clubs and the Queen of Spades...others have not specified a particual card, but there is still just over half the deck left.

    Glad you guys are happy! Cheers.
  18. I hope you read my e-mail and the ace of spades is mine. ;) If not, then I'll take any card. (court card preferred):p Nice of you to do this for people Morgician.

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    Thanks Doug, I have proposed a secondary card - as the Ace of spades is gone.

    Here is what else has reserved - King of Spades, and 6 of clubs...and perhaps the King of Hearts if Doug takes it!

    One more thing - I want you guys to know that I live in Canada...just in case, as I didn't place that on my address.

  20. do we pay for shipping cause i dont know anything about paying for that stuf...

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