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  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently bought some red standard index wynn's, but they are awful they clump, they dont fan and they are really thick but soft. Is this a unusual pack? because i have three more that i havent opened (thinking i would eBay them if this is just what they are like). It seems odd because people always rave about them and in the videos of people i have seen using them they seem to be fine. i found one review that said that they dont fan well but the brown wynns do and i love them. So is there a difference between the brown wynn's and the standard wynn's? and if so what is that difference.
    Thanks for your time
  3. Red and Blue Wynns don't fan but Browns do.
  4. Yes, there is a different between brown wynns and the standard wynns. Theory 11 produced the brown wynns and because of that they are very high quality cards. However standard wynns are casino cards made by Bee, if I am not mistaken, and so they do not handle as well as there brown counter parts.
  5. Theory11 did not produced Wynn, they just mysteriously acquired them from "somewhere".
  6. Tricky Devil,

    Don't tell me you are talking about that secret lair in the mountains...


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