XFinger Review/Papercrane

Jan 5, 2008
XFinger Review:

You visually cause ink to appear, change, or vanish from your finger. There are so many possibilities with this; the only thing that can limit you is your imagination.

I questioned the advertisement of there being no gimmick and it being impromptu; however, I was proven wrong on both counts. There is NO gimmick involved whatsoever, and there are a couple versions of this that are 100% impromptu. Some other presentations do require a slight set-up, but will only take you a few seconds. You could do this in any situation except for stage obviously. Geoff and Reed go over multiple applications for the XFinger principle, some are okay, others are excellent. I love the Live vs. Evil presentation. After I got comfortable with the method I tried a presentation with this at the bar that made my little group erupt. This presentation wasn't in the DVD, but if you are familiar with WH's Stigmata, you'll have no problem doing this; I had a spec. think of an important person's first name, then drew several lines on my finger and showed them the lines. I pattered about how sometimes you can grab someone's thought right out of the mind and as I said that I reached for there head and acted as if I had pulled a thought out, and then opened up my hand to reveal that the lines on my hand had formed the name of the person they were thinking of. That's just one possibility, and it killed! For those of you wondering if you end clean, it really depends on what presentation you choose, some end clean, some end dirty. I don't think you will have a problem ending dirty. It would be really hard for the spec. to catch you regardless.

This is very easy. You will want to practice a little to make sure you feel comfortable doing the move or sleight, but it isn't hard at all, very fun.

If it interests you check it out.:cool:
Jul 28, 2008
Nice review.
I do the same effect like you, combinate stigmata and xfinger, the reaction are crazy.
One of the effet I do is a color change :) one shape red become green or blue.
This effect is very cool
(sorry for my english i speak only french and greek so... ^^)
Feb 5, 2010
on the E fourms a lot of people didnt like this effect because of how its done and its hard to end clean. But i like this effect. i do it alot because it can be very impromptu and no gimmicks. plus i always have a pen on me so its an easy effect to open with.
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