Your favorite flourish of all

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by caruso, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. uhh i like Pandora Sybrinth Helix, J5, and my cut glide.
  2. Eye cut by bone ho and rolling cuts...
  3. Full carnahan fan, simple yet beautiful.
  4. Any of the Molecule Cuts.
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  6. He said, five years later.
  7. Heaven display, Carnahan S fan.
  8. Guys, the thread is dead. It's 2013, this is from 2008.
  9. Who cares? It's not a date-specific line of discussion nor a finite topic, it's a "favorite flourish" thread. If someone has a flourish to contribute, they are free to do so regardless of when the thread was posted.

    With the near-complete lack of activity in this forum's Cardistry section, I welcome any form of discussion. Frankly, we could use it. So let's not be too elitist about what constitutes a legitimate post, and instead actually participate in useful and fulfilling discussion. Maybe then this forum will get a little bit of life back.

  10. The Heaven Display is a very under-appreciated move. You don't see it much nowadays, and it has great variability.

  11. What happened to this forum? When I left flourishing Handlordz was top notch and this site was very up and coming. I come back to the art a few years later and everyone has disappeared. Is there a forum somewhere that I don't know about? Has this beautiful art started to fade already?
  12. Haven't seen much discussion in the cardistry section. Not sure why, but the buzz is certainly gone. Cardistry itself isn't fading, there's still a developing community of flourishers. As for this forum, not sure where the cardistry went.
  13. Good question, mate. I only recently came back after a four-year hiatus from the online communities, so I haven't been here for some of the more recent changes. As you can tell, a lot happened in that time.

    The online flourishing community comes across as a little bit post-apocalyptic right now. Courageous bands of survivors dotted across a bleak landscape, but in an otherwise empty and dead environment. We still have people putting out material, still have posts appearing across a few forums and boards, but it's not even close to the level of activity it used to have when Decknique, Handlordz and Dan & Dave (the "Big Three") were at their peak.

  14. The Padaddle.
  15. I really enjoy Pregal and Never Nude. Lets Weekend at Bernie's this thread.
  16. arm spreads
    the "angel" concept
    Andrei jikh- cylinder cut
    faro shuffle
    one handed fan
  17. It's a recent one but I love Tobias' Emento and Dimitri's Riffle Fan. It's fun performing them.
  18. My favorite move that I can do is a one handed shuffle but as for favorite move i have seen and want to learn is I think it was called glovebox I have only seen it in one video and it looked so cool but I can't find it anymore :(
  19. my favourite flourish is pandora ! :)
  20. I probably like the Ribbon Spread the most.

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