Your favorite flourish of all

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  1. I wanted to some of you all's favorite flourishes of all categories

    either a display a cut a flourish or a production or an xcm move,,"

    whats your favorites?
  2. i would have to say the pressure fan cut
  3. spring =) (word count)
  4. That got be the bucks twins molecule cut. I love all of them but if I have to pick it will be molecule 4. Most of the time I start to do a cut it will be molecule 4.
  5. pandora,
    six spin
    pretty much all of the flourishes on the trilogy.
  6. The Cobra Cut by De'vo, wish I could do that lol
  7. Can someone post up a link to this, I haven't heard of it....
  8. Please... is there a need for such threads?

    - harapan. magic!
  9. Diobolique, Molecule2.
  10. My favourite flourishes are actually the Jackson 5 and Molecule 4 from the Trilogy:)
  11. My favourite flourishes are Jackson 5 and Molecule 4 tokyo from Trilogy and Mayhem + Twisted Rain from Lethal! :)
  12. Jackson 5 and Cobra cut
  13. hey Darian, the pressure fan cut is underground but I will send you a pm describing it.
  14. overhand shuffle..
    table cut
  15. Damn.

    Dude, thanks for the awesome tut (you should take it down quickly since I already downloaded it). That is my new favorite Favorite flourish, even cooler than the Cobra cut and Jockson 5 put together. :cool:

    EDIT: My favorite flourish: Pressure fan cut
  16. Thanks dude :D I'll take down the video. Don't want too many theory11 kids trying to copy it and putting crappy versions of it in their video ;)
  17. spiderman spring for me
  18. Hey trash can you send me a link. You know me from Decknique. I'm also a member in handlordz.;)
  19. You are? What's your name I haven't seen you on there under your name.... :confused:
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    Ask your mom.....

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