Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Test!


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Nov 4, 2014
Orange County, Ca

I hope you all enjoyed this! The idea comes from one of my followers actually. Lol he reached out and asked how would I do this with the card text on a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card? I came up with this method based on a few different ideas by Banachek and Ted Karmilovich. It is extremely simple and straightforward!

If you would like to learn this, I added it to the “Manga Book Test” bonus page! If you already own my Manga Book Test product then you have access to this new tutorial already! If not, you can grab your copy HERE: https://www.theory11.com/marketplace/michael-obrien/manga-book-test

If you are on a budget but still interested in exactly how I got the word on the card, you are welcome to check out my “Impromtu Book Test” tutorial instead. I don’t teach the card trick version, but the method of getting them to focus in on a word is taught there. I am sure you could easily figure it out if you wanted to. Lol learn the Impromptu Test HERE: https://www.theory11.com/marketplace/michael-obrien/completely-impromptu-book-test
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