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  1. Not horrible. But i feel there is much you can add to the shuffle to make it much better and deceptive
    Gary Plants has some fantastic work as well as Steve Reynolds. What your zarrow is lacking is front cover. If someone is sitting in front of you they'll see the work being done.
    check out Gary Plants work on the Zarrow
  2. One question - do you do that little .. hand jiggle motion when you shuffle cards straight? It looks to me like you're overcompensating - it doesn't look natural.

    I recommend recording yourself shuffling normally several times. When you do your Zarrow work, make sure you're imitating that natural motion of the genuine shuffles.
  3. Thanks for the reference source! I'll try to track it down :)
  4. Yes, i do a little jinggle motion when i shuffle cards straight, it helped to square the deck neatly and i thought it consider as fake resistance in zarrow shuffle?
  5. I have nothing to compare it to and most people I see don't do that. Perhaps a video of you doing some Zarrows and also straight shuffles for comparison?
  6. Seems like I'm the only one that thinks your Zarrow is pretty good.

    Not true in my opinion. The way he is squaring the cards (pushing the packet sleightly to the front) covers the bottom block pretty well. I do it the same way in my Zarrow and never had a problem so far.
    I agree though that the jiggling motion is a bit too much. But I have some mixed feelings about the whole idea of fakeing resistance in general.
  7. Oh. Sorry. I actually meant to include that but I must have forgotten to put it back after one of my edits.

    Other than that jiggling motion, I think it's pretty decent. I think with some more refinement of the type I described (comparing it to straight shuffles to make sure you're matching the movements and looking natural) I think you'll be gold. As is, it will probably fly by most spectators already.
  8. Erm... here is the video
    Let me know what you think?
  9. Ya, i just realised that jiggling motion is a bit too much, but the jinggle motion also help me to hold the break behing the deck. Actually I still thinking of cut out this sort of motion in my zarrow shuffle.
  10. Yeah. I see what you mean now.

    I would recommend trying to reduce that. It just seems odd to me. When I'm squaring up the deck I only do a 'jiggle' if the cards are sticking. Usually just push the cards together in one motion.

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