birthday party magic

  1. L

    Kids birthday party magic

    Hi guys, I am relatively new to magic. I have bought a few things from this site and mostly do card tricks, but I thought the best way to be able to actually get to perform for others would be for kids. Plus I like kids. Are there any good books, DVDs or tricks that would be good for building...
  2. Antonio Diavolo

    Kid's Birthday Advice

    I recently got hired for a 6 year old's birthday that's coming up. Just wanted any sort of tips, advice, how much I should charge, and/or trick recommendations. I believe it's sometime in May. I know I should keep it around 30-40 minutes and stuff but Idk what else. Thanks guys!
  3. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Birthday Party Magic routining HELP!

    Hello guys on Saturday I have a 6 year olds birthday party that I will be doing a show for, now I have done many kids shows like this and have a routine I do but I wanted to let you guys see my tricks and see what order you would do them Just out of curiosity and maybe help me change it up alil...
  4. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Help With A Kids Show!

    Hello i want to get started doing kid show and expand my magic, i was looking for some tips or advice if you could spare any. The way i am thinking of doing my show would be Start off introducing myself and what I am there to do, along with setting the ground rules of staying seated and what...
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