deck switch

  1. Scodischarge

    Deck Switching

    Hello there, I've had this vague idea for the beginning of a performance*, for which I'd need do a deck switch. Does anybody know a good technique for that? It would have to be a really quick move, done in half a second or less. What I've got in mind is something like the switching of one or two...
  2. F

    Deck Switch

    Can someone recommend me a deck switch for cleaning up a gaff deck? It would be nice for my rough/smooth effect.
  3. joshrfrank

    New magician needs help

    Hey guys (and gals)! My name is Josh and I'm 29 and have been interested in magic for a while now but have recently wanted to start learning. I would like to know where the best place to start would be. I have been playing around with card magic and enjoy it but haven't really performed for...
  4. Maaz Hasan

    Best Deck Switch?

    Hey guys! Recently, I've been super intrigued by deck switching tools. I have Shin Lim's Flash Deck Switch 2.0, and have not yet used it in a performance outside of my friends and family, but I find it works very well. I have come across many Deck Switch methods, and everyone thinks one...
  5. J

    Deck Switch

    Looking for an effective deck switch to do mid trick. I've already got the flash deck switch by shin Lin, and am pretty good at finding reasons to take the deck out of the spectators view. However, the flash deck only works once, and the alternate isn't effective in a street performance setting...
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