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  1. Hello there,
    I've had this vague idea for the beginning of a performance*, for which I'd need do a deck switch. Does anybody know a good technique for that? It would have to be a really quick move, done in half a second or less. What I've got in mind is something like the switching of one or two cards as seen in some gambling demonstrations, but of course with the whole deck.
    Is that possible, and if yes, where can I find that sleight? (Of course, it doesn't have to be exactly like what I just described. But it should be as quick as possible.)

    Thank you all for your help!

    PS: I'd like to keep it gimmick-free.

    *By "a performance" I mean, should I ever be in the situation. As I've only started with card magic / gambling moves a few months ago that won't be any time soon.
  2. Roberto Giobbi has a book called "The Art of Switching Decks." I'm guessing you can find one in there that would work for you.
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  3. I've seen that book already, however the price put me off. Do you know if it's worth it?

    Thank you for responding!
  4. It is an amazing book BUT I didn’t realize it is out of print. For $55 it was worth it. For $5,001 as it is listed on Amazon... uh... no.

    My second book recommendation is Tamariz’s Five Points in Magic which has his deck switch and a whole lot more about the theory of performing. It’s a mere $25.

    Also check out Shawn Farquhar’s deck switch. I THINK it is in his lecture notes from a while back, his ultimate invisible deck (Omni deck) routine, his Penguin lecture and his RSVP effect. You may have to do some research to confirm it is in the product you are considering buying.
  5. Cold Case, and The Cooler are both gimmicked deck switches that dont involve any sleight of hand (will require a bit of misdirection.)

    My Switcheroo Deck holdout mixes a bit of sleight of hand with a gimmick making for a very quick and easy deck switch (will require a bit of misdirection)

    Then there are the gimmickless methods that David lists above. These will require sleight of hand of course and will be the most difficult to pull off.
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  6. He has it as a digital download on his site
    It's called Switch. I purchased it and it's a great download.
  7. Deck switch wise, I personally think the slower deck switches that rely on misdirection is the best way to go

    But if you absolutely want a quick in the hands deck switch in a second, check out Shin Lim's Flash Deck Switch (possibly still on 2.0 now, dont remember). You probably do need a table (which shouldn't be an issue since you're doing a gambling routine), but it is possible. It's kinda difficult to learn but it's a great switch once you do. Check out the trailer for more info.
  8. Benjamin Earl has a product “called real deck switches” produced by The Vinishing Inc. I don’t own this product, but from what I’ve seen from Benji Earl and The Vanishing Inc in the past, I’m sure it’s worth checking out.
  9. It’s ok, but it’s not practical and it breaks.... a lot.
  10. Tamariz's book sounds fantastic, but I don't think I really need it at this point. I've been doing magic for a relatively short time, so I'm not thinking about performing (which this book seems to be about) any time soon. Right now I'm really just looking for the techniques.

    Thank you for drawing attention to Shawn Farquhar, from what I've seen he looks like a great magician. But I'm not really looking for effects or routines to perform, as I said I'm looking mostly for techniques, especially those from the card table. And again, I don't want to buy it, if I'll only use a fraction of what's in there.

    Mr_ARPY mentioned Benjamin Earl's "Real Deck Switches". I stumbled across them already and it looks a lot like what I'm looking for: 25 deck switches, no gimmicks, "only" 30$. However, as I'm pretty new, I'd be interested in your opinion about it.

    Thanks for your help!
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  11. Thanks, but as I said I'm looking for gimmickless methods, as the difficulty of it is part of why I'm learning it.
  12. Thank you, but for what I've in mind I do need a really fast switch.
    I'd already seen Shin Lim's deck switch, but as I said, I'd prefert a gimmickless switch.
    Thank you for your help anyway!
  13. I actually stumbled across it already, but great to see you recommend it! Thank you very much!
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  14. @Scodischarge how exactly are you using it in your act. maybe that could help us.

    Yeah I know. It takes a lot of practice to get down. But it works pretty well once you do.

    Though to be fair, I don't use mine anymore, as I've opted for more of a standard two hand deck switch
  15. Agreed. A lot of factors will dictate which switch works best. Are you sitting or standing? Do you have a table? Are you in front of your spectators or surrounded? Are you switching a cased deck or lose cards? Is it during a routine or between routines?

    Also, think about whether a deck switch is necessary. A lot of folks want to use a deck switch to show you are “clean” before or after an effect. Most of the time that isn’t necessary since there are other methods to combine the audience that nothing is suspicious.
  16. @Maaz Hasan @RealityOne
    It's kind of a vague idea, as I said, I won't think about performing for another few years at least. This was more of a "well I could ..." kind of thought.
    As I said, it would be the beginning of a gambling demonstration, so I'd be seated at a table. At the beginning I do a few false shuffles while talking to the audience a bit (a bit like Richard Turner on "Fool Us"). Afterwards I reveal - also like Mr Turner - that the deck is not in fact shuffled. At the gasps which will hopefully arise I'll say something like "But most people are even more impressed when they see how quickly I can shuffle, blah blah (something along those lines)". I pick up the deck and shake it just a little bit, then I spread it again and voilá! the cards are shuffled. While picking up the deck it's covered by my other hand - which is holding the other deck - for just a moment, and in that moment the change takes place.
    Ideally the decks can be switched back again from that same position a moment later, something like "I'm sorry, was that too quick? I'll do it again a litte slower etc." and then they are switched back.
    I'd probably be in front of my spectators, but I may have 2 people sitting to my right and left, if the deck switch allows it.

    Thank you for reading all of this, it's probably far more detailed than you were hoping for. Sorry about that. Thanks for all your input!
  17. I really don't think you'll be getting a full deck switch that clean without a gimmick that quickly. The fast deck switches are normally done while standing, with a gimmick, or not with the entire deck. I've seen some done, but they are angle sensitive, and some are more so concepts than actual deck switches.

    Gimmick wise, you have a ton of suggestions here. The Cooler and Shin Lim's Flash Deck Switch are my two suggestions [only the latter of which I own and have used. The first is what the FDS is inspired by, and I've heard mixed reviews about it, mostly positive, but I'm just giving it as an option]

    Roberto Giobbi has a book called "The Art of Switching Decks" which has some (though I don't own it so I can't give my opinion on it)

    Here's a list of tabled deck switches in books

    Can I ask why it has to be gimmickless?
  18. My initial reaction is that you don't want to switch to the shuffled and then back to the original deck order. You are repeating the effect when your audience is burning you.

    @Maaz Hasan is right. For this, you want to use a gimmicked deck switch. The problem is that the routine is not structured to provide you with the misdirection to do any deck switch. The focus is your handling of the cards and they will be burning your hands. Most deck switches cannot withstand that level of scrutiny.

    My solution is to use a gimmicked deck that allows the cards to be in new deck order and shuffled at the same time. There are a variety of ways you can do that. Sometimes when you move from skill (false shuffles) to magic (instant change in the deck) you will have to use some sort of gimmick.
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  19. That book costs five grand on amazon....
  20. Thanks for the honesty, but I hope you'll understand if I don't give up yet ;)
    Of course I'm no expert, but the previously mentioned Benjamin Earl looks like it might include what I'm looking for. It would be really great if you could take a look.

    The reason I want it to be gimmickless is because I want to rely as much as possible on skill. The reason I got into gambling moves instead of card magic first is because of just that -- oftentimes magic is simply a trick, that needs no real skill*. I like the prospect of being able to do great things with a card deck and a card deck only.

    Thanks you very much for the list, I'll take a look!

    *Please don't misunderstand me, I am NOT implying that magicians have no skill. Nothing could be further from the truth and I have tremendous respect for a lot of magicians because of their skill. All I'm saying is that there are some tricks, which are just that -- tricks, that are not nearly as difficult and impossible as they look.
    I have absolutely nothing against people who perform those; personally, I simply prefer to rely on skill and misdirection only.

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