1. Theexpanse

    Is my fy fan going good

    I want to know if my fy fan is good and if it isn’t some tips
  2. Derek Humberson

    Shin Lim making an awesome fan

    Came across Shin Lim doing this double fan. Looks like he is springing the cards from a faro shuffle, then using his thumb and and pointer finger to hold the cards like a rifle fan. I've never witnessed this move anywhere. My jaw on the floor. Here is the link...
  3. L

    Does Carnahan fan require a new deck?

    Just trying to make sure that it's me and not the deck that's the problem. I have a 3 month old blue crown at the moment and I can't seem to spread the cards as easily as I would with a smear fan when performing a carnahan fan. I've just started learning it today.
  4. N

    Riffle fan advice?

    I'm guessing there's been a ton of threads with this exact same topic so sorry if this is repetitive but i'm looking for advice on the riffle fan? I've learnt the method about a few hours ago but can't seem to get past a quarter of a circle, not sure if i should keep the platform finger flat so...
  5. lolhammertime

    Riffle fan tips?

    Hello! I recently learned the riffle fan, and I'm hoping some of you could spare some tips? When I perform the riffle fan, it only fans halfway... Not a full circle fan unlike most others. Can anyone help me get it to a full circle? Thanks in advance!
  6. lolhammertime

    Problems with some flourishes

    I am having problems with various flourishes for different reasons. Charlier cut & all one handed cuts: my hands are too tiny to hold two packets in one hand Spring: Either my thumb hurts and I can't spring the cards or I can spring but can't catch Thumb Fan: I can fan but it ends up fanning...
  7. D

    Any tips on a thumb fan?

    I have read Royal Road, Card College, Single tutorials on sites and some videos. I can do an 'OK' one handed fan, nothing to special, but when I attempt a thumb fan it's never equal. (I have used new decks for it too.) ~DB
  8. WilliamC9

    Questions about riffle fans.

    I was watching some videos on YouTube and a cardist did a fan that spread 360 on top of their finger (s). I didnt know what it was called but I think it was a riffle fan. This was the video. It was one of the first few moves. I have heard that for many fans a pristine deck of cards are...
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