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  1. S

    Expert At The Card Table DVD Box Set

    I….need to know if this was just a dream of mine. was there ever a time when Jason England was going to make a huge dvd box set, covering the entirety of Expert At The Card Table?? I remember seeing teases about it, and getting so excited for it to exist, but…maybe I’m just dreaming it up...
  2. B

    Side Steal Troubleshooting

    I have the Jason England Side Steal video and he includes some troubleshooting which is great. There are some other issues that occur when performing this especially when handling a used or cheap deck. In the course he recommends using a nice clean deck. My intended use for this is for...
  3. O

    Jason England - Foundations

    Hello everybody, I was wondering were I can apply what I have learned from the foundation series (mainly gambling routines I am interested in) if anybody can share ideas I will look forward to hearing from you all !
  4. I

    Pushoff questions: DL vs second deal, video sources,etc

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me here. I'm looking for video tutorial to compliment the texts I have on learning the multiple push-off. My questions: - is the actual push off part the same for DL as what is in Jason England's second deal push video? - is the England's push-off the same...
  5. Karo-K54

    Jason England Top Card Cover Pass

    Does Jason England's Top Card Cover Pass require that we already know how to do a pass? Or does it teach for beginners to the pass?
  6. siahofmars

    retaining top cards Zarrow Shuffle

    I recently bought jason englands dead cut video, learned it, and then wanted to know the zarrow for one of the effects taught in the video, so i also bought his zarrow shuffle video, Am practicing that now. But in the first trick he does in the dead cut video, he some how always retains 3 or 4...
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