paul harris

  1. PopNFresh HDZ

    My effect, Hysteria

    My take on one of my favorite plots of close-up magic. With this plot, I notices a lot of weaknesses, so I tried to take most of those out. This can be done seated or standing up, and has other handling methods. (References cited as always)
  2. PopNFresh HDZ

    My effect, Stone Cold Stunner

    Just want to know what you guys think,(don't worry, my references are cited in the description box):
  3. D

    Has any professional magicians here try...

    Creation by Paul Harris? I have been wanting to for a long time now, but have not gotten around to it. It's one the most organic and beautiful ideas I have read of his. If any of you have, I would love to hear about it and what the context was that you presented it in. Maybe even discuss your...
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