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    Android Phone Magic

    Hello everyone, I recently saw cyber for sale on the T11 website. I know of yet it isn't compatible with Android I don't think - you can correct if I'm wrong. What other alternatives are on the market that - in your opinion - you would recommend? I searched for a bit but all other forums are...
  2. moustaphaberjaoui

    InstaForce by Moustapha Berjaoui

    I've just released my Effect InstaForce in the Market! “Very clever concept that opens up a bunch of possible reveals...powerful modern day mentalism!” Oz Pearlman "This is easy and to the point! No special app and can be done at any time!, well done my friend!" Luca Volpe “InstaForce is...
  3. KoryB87

    Camera Effect

    hey everyone! I’ve seen a lot of similar tricks on TV, like James Corden and AGT (Shin Lim) of effects where they take a picture of a spectator holding a blank playing card and later on when they pull up the picture they’re holding the selected card! WHAT IS THIS CALLED?
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