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Aug 12, 2009
I've just released my Effect InstaForce in the Market!


“Very clever concept that opens up a bunch of possible reveals...powerful modern day mentalism!”
Oz Pearlman

"This is easy and to the point! No special app and can be done at any time!, well done my friend!"
Luca Volpe

“InstaForce is a great simple secret that you need to know if you are interested in natural use of a phone in Mentalism! It works excellent in itself, and also as optional technique to keep in your toolkit of possibilities”
Pablo Amira

“Love it mate, simple to do and organic, I’ll use this”
Resse Goodley

“Direct and Simple method you can rely on. I’ll be using this!”
Nicholas Lawrence

The participant chooses any account they want, it could be a random strangers account from the Explore page if needed. They scroll Genuinely thru the posts in any direction, once they are happy, they freely stop anywhere.

You will be able to force them to the exact post or account that you want. You will learn many different techniques which are pretty easy to do anywhere and anytime.

Once you learn the method, you will be able to apply it to other platforms, It’s not only limited to instagram!!

Use their actual instagram
Force any post & any account
Use any borrowed phone (iPhone or Android)
A dedicated Facebook Users group

In the facebook group, you will learn the following:

- Multi-force (forcing multiple posts)
- The Face-up Force (forcing while the screen is facing the participant)
- Online Virtual Force (Forcing over a video-call so the spectator does it from their side over FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.)
- The Bonus Force (Force on other platforms such Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.)
- Plus more ideas and handlings.

If you have any Questions Feel free to ask!

Moustapha Berjaoui
Apr 26, 2013
I’ve got quite a few apps and I often worry about whether they’ll function properly or, in cases where I need it, whether I’ll have good access to internet. I also have to think about how I justify the use of an app, particularly if it’s on my phone. That isn’t a reason not to use apps, and I do, , just a consideration.

For me, simplicity of use and easy justification is a winner. The beauty of Instaforce is that it isn’t an app at all and is designed to be done on the spectator’s phone. It’s easy to learn and perform, although it does require a modicum of practice, and it’s ready to go when I want to do something. I’m a fan of this one.
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