1. E

    Shipping and tracking

    My order shipped on July 19th, I was wondering how long delivery generally takes. It’s my first order through Theory11.
  2. S

    Shipping during covid-19?

    How quickly will the products that were ordered be shipped? Just a question, because most places have extended delivery times.
  3. J

    Customs charges to Italy

    Hello everyone, I just got a 100€ gift code for the T11 website and wanted to buy double cross. The problem is that I live in Italy and thus I'm not sure if I have to pay the custom charges for the shipment to Italy. Is there anyone from Italy or another part of the EU who can tell me if the...
  4. Colin Salo

    Order Processing

    I ordered smoke 2.0 last night and have been constantly checking on my order since. I selected free standard shipping and was wondering about how long it usually takes. I just expected it to be at least shipped by now
  5. eduardo.ojeda9821

    Odyssey shipping

    Hello! I want to buy Odyssey because its so visual and I don't have any trick like that... the problem is that I live in Mexico, so I was wondering if they can ship it to Mexico or its just for USA. Thank you btw.
  6. LokiMilesMagic

    Product shipping

    How long is shipping right now? I ordered it Dec. 25 and hope to have it before Jan. 5. Is that possible?
  7. J

    Odyssey shipping?

    Hey is there any news about when Calen morelli's odyssey is being shipped.I ordered it on the 5th of september and was just wondering cause i am hyped for the trick. If anyone answers thx
  8. D

    Does Theory11 ship to Britain?

    If they do, what is the cost of shipping like? Thanks ~DB
  9. C

    Theory 11 Wristband Shipping Time???

    Hey, I was just wondering how long my wristband will take to ship to the UK. I ordered it on the 15th December and it still hasn't arrived yet (27th December). I tracked the shipment and it says that it has left Jamaica NY on December 16th at 2:27 am. Yet nothing has happened since. I don't know...
  10. D

    France Shipping

    I guy's, I love spending my money here, but i'm from france, and i think that the shipping is really high.. any any tips to decrease the money of he shipping? Because 17$...
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