1. Beukeboom

    Card sleights tutorial DVD recommendations requested

    After many, many years, I've decided to start back with card tricks but my skills, as limited as they were, have deteriorated. I still have several good card books in my collection somewhere in an unmarked box in the garage but I have never been good at learning directly from books. I do much...
  2. S

    IForce, videos won’t play!

    Hi, First I want to say that IForce is amazing. I definitely reccomend it. Hopefully the following is helpful. The directions can be difficult to find, (for the iPhone they’re in the lower right corner). I hope someone can help me. There’s no way to me to contact the developer. So pretty much...
  3. Wkirk1467

    Theory11 app

    How useful would it be if Theory11 had an app. It could keep track of all of your videos, orders, and refills. It could update you on your shipments and forum replies/posts. You could have access to incredible magic with just a click. Thoughts?
  4. D

    Review on Odyssey by Calen Morelli

    This is an awesome trick and I am glad i have bought it. The moment I got it and opened and turned tutorial I got the routine of doing trick i saw. It's simple but awesome and you will have a lot of fun with it!! 5 stars for this trick!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  5. ParkinT

    "Trendy" Magicians and Tatoos

    Launching off this discussion, I wanted to ask a question of this community. When watching both Cardistry AND Prestidigitation, I find the markings all over the hands (and particularly the fingers) a serious distraction. My attention is drawn to those little squiggles like the red underline...
  6. Henrymaji

    Magic tricks videos

  7. Henrymaji

    New magic tricks show Henry Maji

  8. CJK

    My New Channel

    I've been practicing sleight of hand and many other card tricks. So recently, on my new channel, I've created a segment called the Magician's Guide for Tricks, I hope it would be a place where people come for card trick references and a place where new magicians come to learn. Seeing so many...
  9. CJK

    Market Place: For Sale or No?

    When people put up videos in the market place, there are multiple videos and multiple price range. For newbies like me, when should someone put a price tag on their video?
  10. JokersMagic

    Short video

    Hey guys, I had made a short cardistry video, not perfect. Constructive criticism is welcome :)
  11. R

    Why iphone doesn't playback videos

    Does anybody know why my videos won't play on my iPhone 6? Only a few will play, others say 'unable to download'
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