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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. It is so obvious how come no one besides me has figured it out yet?


    p.s. I am not gonna tell you what it is so don't bother sending me a PM.
  2. i wonder if you're telling the truth...........

    EDIT:Just kidding. If you did find it out good for you. For anyone who didn't(like me) it's only a matter of hours until you will
  3. I think I found a new clue:

  4. maybe andrei and devo will battle
  5. that.would.be.sick
  6. yea but andrei would own
  7. no doubt....
  8. Umm... I think De'vo has more years of experience than Andrei has been alive. :p
  9. That has been there forever, and it doesn't spell De,vo. So.... yeah.
  10. is it just me or is anyone elses page mis-aligned on this page. Just wondering
  11. its just you. sorry my fault.
  12. That is happening to me also
  13. haha. it' weird because sometimes it's aligned and other times it isn't....maybe it's clue...
  14. really? i guess i caused a whole chain reaction with my because i did not think it would be that powerful.
  15. and no its not a clue
  16. Hahaha. No, it's not a clue, all the clues have been released since yesterday ;). Only 2 hours and about 45 minutes left.

  17. No it's not. it's sarcasm.lol
  18. Personally, after examining the clues and every last detail of every picture, I believe I figured out what Propaganda is. Its a video of DM and AJ having chicken noodle soup together while sharing stories of way back when over a cup of tea. Its very easy to figure this out after carefully examining the photos.

  19. Of course! How did i not see that...
    And Doug, what happened to the funny Kenner avatar?
  20. I liked this one better. :) I might put the Kenner one or a different one back up in a few days.:p I have a great O RLY? Kenner face as well. ;)

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