2007 Holiday Contest Questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by darosa.justin, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Im unclear why the contest says "Want one free entry?". Don't we just buy a laod of Guardians and hope one ahs a hologram? Why does it say we need to enter?

    Can someone just clear things up, Thanks!@@
  2. I think they're picking one winner from all the email entries.
  3. I dont think so, because it says that the winner are people that have holograms on their guardians case- meaning you got to buy some.

    So wahts the email thing for?
  4. i think it works like this,

    you buy a deck, you get an entry, you e-mail them, you get an entry.

    then between now and then they randomly select 11 people who bought a deck or e-mailed and send them out a deck of guardians with a hologram.

    it is essentially a random draw.

    hopefully mr, Bayme will come on and clear it up for us
  5. You can enter for a prize by buying a deck of cards as many times as you want.

    You may also enter this free entry ONCE, which is the SAME THING as buying a deck of cards and getting entered, except you don't get the cards (unless that's your prize).

  6. and it's nopt what I had thought. at the deadline they pull 11 names out of a hat/ they just do it at complete random.
  7. For a contest to be legal, there must be a "free entry" alternative. Therefore, Theory11 has added the email entry. Your email will act as a Guardian purchase, if it falls in the order of a Guardian with the hologram, then you win. If it falls in the order without a hologram Guardian, then you don't win OR receive a Guardian.

    If you have any questions about the contest, just send a support ticket here: www.theory11.com/support

  8. I'm slightly confused about the fairness... Logically speaking, would it be better to buy a deck at a certain time? Like, right when T11 is sending out a prize. Are they going to hold our decks until a raffle? And then send the decks out? Or is it more hoping that you sent the deck at the right time when T11 comes by and sticks the winning sticker on that deck?
  9. I'm sure all the questions will be fully answered by the end of the week.

    Mr. Bayme is out of the country at this moment.

    I'm sure if you re-read the rules, you might be able to figure most of your questions out on your own.

    Have a Great Weekend!

    Katie Egleston
  10. The contest is pretty interesting.

    I also have one question, what if you won one of the prizes and its either #9,10, and 11(1on1, video production, party, etc.) and lets say you didn't want that because you're either shy, can't go, doing something else, etc. And is it possible to get another prize(not including the other 10) but different?
  11. Yes, do read the guidelines and/or rules. Subsequently, read them again. And then again and again... et al. :D
    "Winning decks may arrive SEPARATELY from the rest of your order as winners will be selected at random throughout the holiday contest period."

    This means that winning decks could arrive with your order, but they may also arrive after your order.
    11 randomly selected decks of Guardians have a hologram sticker that designates it as a winner. If you get one, then you win. They probably will not pull out 11 names out of a hat. They might use a random number generator, or... I digress.

    Don't think too much into it -- it's not a puzzle. Though, if it were, it would be pretty cool. :D

  12. Let me rephrase... I understand the winners are chosen at random, but WHEN do they choose the winners? Do they do it on a consistent basis (Like, every eleven days, say.)? Or at random (they do it this day, then three days later, then five days later, then two days later, etc.)?

  13. I hope so too, I'm only 13.
  14. Holiday Contest?

    so for #8. it says that you will have a 1 on 1 jam session with the theory11 artist of your choice.
    for example, if you choose chris, does katie come included.
    or if you choose one buck twin will the other come 2?
    just a thought, some1 from the staff please get back to me.

  15. I've got another question... Say you win the online jam session, but you don't have a webcam and don't have access to one. Then what? :eek:
  16. Couple of Quick Questions,

    BTW, Thanks Guys for the wonderful competition.

    What if someone Overseas win's prize 11? Im assuming they are the pay airfares?

    Now with all the advertising that has occured recently through Maxim etc, there will be a massive amount of people buying the Guardians, why should someone who is not a part of Theory11 (Through either Forums, or the Magic Community) have the same chance as us of winning these great prizes? People will be buying them to play poker etc, and will then win Jerrys, or the Jam Session, what will that mean to them? Nothing I would assume..

    It would be great if it could be a competition for not only people who are buying the Guardians, but people who are actually on the site (through the forum)

    Just my opinion.
  17. Even worse, they don't even know what the hologram sticker is, so they peel it off, and throw it away!
    This may not work as planned.
  18. I'm sure that there is no need to worry so much. The crew at Theory11 will never set you astray. If something were to happen that involved a winner needing some sort of special attention when it comes to their prize they will act accordingly.

    Everything will be okay. =)

    In the mean time...good luck!

    Shane K.
  19. Where there's a will, there's a way. If this turns out to be the case, we'll obviously find a way to accommodate you. Of course, you can find webcams for $9.99 at nearly every electronic or department store (try Wal-Mart). Would $9.99 be worth a jam session with a theory11 artist? I think so. Unless it's Houchin.

    I'd choose Dana, personally. I hear he can film and do Sybils at the same time-- with only one hand.
  20. Hahahaha not Houchin eh? I'll keep that in mind in case I win :p ;)

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